FAQ: How Do I Get My Medical Records In Ireland?


How do I request a copy of my medical records?

“Normally, one would simply have to call the health care provider and request a copy of the record and pick them up, after signing a release for the records.” Some records that patients may want to request are test results, reports for surgeries, doctor’s notes, discharge summaries and specialists’ reports.

How long are medical records kept in Ireland?

Healthcare records of an adult – eight years after last treatment or death. Children and young people – until the patient’s 25th birthday, or 26th if the young person was 17 at the conclusion of treatment, or eight years after the patient’s death.

Can I view my medical records online for free?

There are a number of different types of health record, accessing them is free, and healthcare professionals have a legal requirement to allow you to see them.

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Can you look at your medical records online?

How to get your GP records. You can view a summary of your GP records online. To do this register for online services. If you do not wish to use the online service, see section 4 for advice on formally requesting your medical records.

How do I retrieve old medical records?

How to Request Your Medical Records. Most practices or facilities will ask you to fill out a form to request your medical records. This request form can usually be collected at the office or delivered by fax, postal service, or email. If the office doesn’t have a form, you can write a letter to make your request.

How far back do my medical records go?

They should keep adult records for at least three years and usually for seven. Most hospitals have records going back longer than seven years, especially if the person has been using services for a long time. The Data Protection Act enables you to ask to see any records which have information about you on them.

Can medical records be altered?

Altering a medical record is a crime and can also be used against doctors in medical malpractice cases. However, it is not illegal for medical professionals to make honest updates to records, as long as they properly mark what they are doing and do not obscure information.

Can I access my mother medical records?

A person with parental responsibility will usually be entitled to access the records of a child who is aged 12 or younger. Children aged 13 or older are usually considered to have the capacity to give or refuse consent to parents requesting access to their health records, unless there is a reason to suggest otherwise.

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Can medical records be deleted?

5. RE: Addendum vs Deleting Medical Records. In my experience no information can be deleted from a medical record only amended through the amendment process. contain confidential information belonging to the sender.

What information is in your medical records?

Your medical records contain the basics, like your name and your date of birth. They also include the information you give to your family physician, dentist, or other specialist during an exam.

How can I check my medical history online?

Online Access to Your Health Information Check with your health care providers or doctors to see if they offer online access to your medical records. Terms sometimes used to describe electronic access to these data include “personal health record,” or “PHR,” or “patient portal.”

Can GP charge for medical records?

In general, the holder cannot charge a medical records fee for supplying you with the copies. There are some limited exceptions to this rule, such as where the request is deemed to be ‘manifestly unfounded’ or ‘excessive’. For example, repeated multiple requests, in which case a reasonable fee may be requested.

How do NHS correct mistakes in medical records?

Managing requests for rectification

  1. Requests for rectification can be made verbally or in writing.
  2. Requests can be made to any part of an organisation rather than a specific person.
  3. A request should be considered valid as long as the individual has challenged the accuracy of their data and has asked you to correct it.

How long are medical records kept NHS?

The minimum retention periods for NHS records are as follows: • Personal health records – 8 years after last attendance. Mental health records – 20 years after no further treatment considered necessary or 8 years after death. when young person was 17, or 8 years after death. Obstetric records – 25 years.

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Why can’t I see my medical records on NHS app?

If the whole record is not yours, contact the NHS App team immediately. Contact your GP surgery if something is missing from your GP health record. It may be missing because you do not have access to all the information in your record. Ask them to give you access to your detailed coded record.

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