FAQ: How Much Does A Vet Earn In Ireland?


How much is a vet paid in Ireland?

Republic of Ireland: Newly qualified veterinary surgeons are paid around €35,000 a year. More senior veterinary surgeons typically earn €50,000–€60,000, although this can rise to as much as €110,000.

Do vets get paid well?

Commercial and Consulting: Commercial vets make the most money, with a mean annual salary of $160,000. Companion animal practice vets generally earn the most, at an average of $110,000 a year. Mixed animal vets are generalists and earn an average annual income of $100,000 a year.

How much does a vet nurse earn in Ireland?

Veterinary Nurse Salary in Ireland The average salary for a Veterinary Nurse is €25,399 gross per year (€12.52 gross per hour – 39 hours/week), which is 37% lower than the national average salary in Ireland. Veterinary Nursing Pay Scale: a Veterinary Nurse can expect an average starting salary of €20,315.

How much does a fully qualified vet earn?

Starting salaries for newly- qualified vets are generally around £30,500 to £35,500. With further training and experience, your salary can rise to approximately £40,000 to £70,000. Vets working in large animal practices tend to earn more than those working with smaller animals.

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What is the highest paying job in Ireland?

The Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland 2019

  • Head of legal (large/multinational) €120k-€215K.
  • Chief Technology Office €150k -€200k.
  • Engineering – General Manager 80k-150k.
  • HR Director: €110 – €180k & Head of Compensation & Benefits €100k – €160k.
  • Marketing Director €100 -€150k / Chief Marketing Officer €100k – €160K.

What is a good salary in Ireland?

Average salary in Ireland is €53,841 EUR per year. The most typical earning is €42,823 EUR. All data are based on 1,547 salary surveys.

Do vets make more than doctors?

Veterinarians may not make as much as a doctor, but it is equally as rewarding. Veterinarians and doctors both provide medical care for patients – whether they’re human, feathered, four-legged or have scales. Doctors earn higher average salaries than veterinarians.

Is it worth being a vet?

Being a veterinarian can be an incredibly rewarding job, it might even be the best job in the world. There are so many different jobs that we veterinarians can do, and as a result, something that I really love (or hate) may well generate the exact opposite emotion in many other vets.

Can a vet have tattoos?

Many veterinary clinics will not hesitate to hire a vet tech with tattoos or piercings, provided the modifications are inoffensive and don’t pose a safety risk. There are still a portion of veterinary clinics, however, that will reject individuals for a job based solely on the presence of tattoos or piercings.

Is vet nurse a good career?

The job market for vet nurses has grown by 45% in the last five years and is expected to continue growing at a rapid rate. Research confirms that working as a vet nurse is not only one of the most rewarding careers, it is also up there with human nurses in terms of community trust and respect.

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How many points do you need to be a vet in Ireland?

UCD Course Entry Requirements and Places

CAO Code Title Final Points 2020
DN300 Veterinary Medicine (Undergraduate Entry) 589
DN301 Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry) N/A
DN310 Veterinary Nursing 466*
DN400 Medicine (Undergraduate Entry) 736*


What skills do vet nurses need?

Key skills for veterinary nurses

  • Caring.
  • Responsible.
  • Reliable.
  • Good teamworking skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Administrative skills.

Why are vets paid so little?

While veterinary medicine does have some insurance involvement, it is usually pay up front and the owner is reimbursed after sending in a copy of the bill. Market demand for veterinary services is lower than market demand for human medical services. This is in large part what determines the discrepancy.

Do vets earn more than doctors UK?

The most recent survey suggests new graduate veterinary salaries have dropped 3.7% and a vet qualified 11 to 15 years can hope to earn an average £48k compared to a doctor earning up to £83k and dentists £110k.

What’s the best paid job in the UK?

The 10 highest paying jobs in the UK:

  • Aircraft controllers.
  • Chief Executive and Senior Officials.
  • Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers.
  • Marketing and Sales Directors.
  • Legal professionals.
  • Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors.
  • Brokers.
  • Financial Managers and Directors.

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