FAQ: How Much Does An Mri Cost In Ireland?


How much is a full body MRI scan Ireland?

Our prices for MRI scans start at €240. Multiple part examinations incur extra charges. Please see the list below for prices for other examinations. Many of our centres have direct settlement contracts in place with health insurers (VHI, Irish Life Health, and Laya Healthcare ).

How do I get an MRI scan in Ireland?

There are several options available for booking a scan at the Mater Private:

  1. Online: On each services page you will find a request an appointment button on the right hand side of your screen.
  2. Email: An email can be sent to the team at [email protected]
  3. Phone: You can call us on 01 885 8173 / 01 885 8461.

How much does a typical MRI cost?

Although the total cost of an MRI scan varies depending on the part of the body being imaged, costs generally range from $100 to $500. This is much better than in many overseas countries, where this procedure can cost several thousands of dollars.

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Can I book an MRI without a referral?

No. A referral from a clinician or registered physiotherapist for musculoskeletal requests is required for every MRI request which then must be approved by a consultant radiologist or a suitably qualified radiographer.

How long does it take to get MRI results Ireland?

The results will be available from the doctor who sent you for the scan, who usually receives them within 2 working days of your appointment date.

Can you have an MRI on your whole body?

While highly effective imaging single body areas such as the spine, liver or brain, MRI is also capable of scanning the entire body for physical abnormalities, tumours in the earliest stages of formation, or simply an overall snapshot of one’s general health.

Do you need a referral for an MRI Ireland?

ExpressCare promises fast turnaround times with no appointment or referral needed. Our Consultant-led clinics are staffed with A&E trained doctors and nurses.

How much is a cardiac MRI in Ireland?

This means that personally you will not be charged above €595.00 for the visit. What does it cost?

Examination Price
MRI (excluding Cardiac MRI ) €280
CT (excluding Cardiac CT) €280
Vascular Scans €195
Blood Tests From €40 (capped at €400)

What can MRIs detect?

MRI can detect a variety of conditions of the brain such as cysts, tumors, bleeding, swelling, developmental and structural abnormalities, infections, inflammatory conditions, or problems with the blood vessels.

Why MRI is so expensive?

Why MRIs Are So Expensive: Hospital Costs Overhead costs can help explain why hospitals charge so much for MRIs. The hospital must buy the MRI equipment and then pay to keep it maintained and updated. Additionally, the MRI administrator charges fees to the hospital. These costs are pushed on patients.

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Does insurance cover an MRI scan?

Most MRIs are typically covered by health insurance when deemed medically necessary. If deductibles are met, typical out-of-pocket cost consists of copays of $20-$100 for the doctor visit and for the procedure. Typical costs: A spinal MRI is used to find various spinal problems, including nerve damage or tumors.

Are MRI scans covered by Medicare?

Full Medicare -eligible MRI units are able to perform all MRI services listed on the MBS with a Medicare rebate for the patient. Partial Medicare -eligible MRI units are currently able to perform a limited number of MRI items listed on the MBS.

Can you self refer for an MRI?

There is no need for you to be referred to us by a GP or medical consultant. You can easily refer yourself for an MRI scan by completing our online form. Simply tell us about the reason you want the scan, the part of the body that you want scanned and answer some safety questions.

Can a GP request a brain scan?

Your GP should arrange for you to see a specialist if you have symptoms that could be due to a brain or spinal cord tumour. Depending on your symptoms and other factors, this might be an urgent referral.

What scan is best for knee pain?

“X-rays are an appropriate screening test for knee pain in older patients, and often the results of an x-ray can tell whether an MRI would be even helpful,” she says. In addition, an MRI costs about 12 times that of an x-ray (based on Medicare rates) and can take an hour to perform.

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