FAQ: How Much Is An Electric Bike In Ireland?


How much does an electric bike cost?

Generally, electric bikes will range in cost from a low of $600 to over $8000. Not many quality ebikes can be had for under $1000, with most mainstream ebikes costing between $1500 – $4000.

What is the best e bike to buy in Ireland?

5 of the Best E -Bikes on the Market Right Now

  • Stromer ST5. Price: €9,750.00.
  • Orbea Gain D30. Price: €2,599.00.
  • Haibike NDURO 8.0. Price: £4,899/€5,500.
  • Winora Tria 8. Price: €2,499.00.
  • Haibike Trekking 4.0. Price: €2,499.00.

Are electric bikes legal in Ireland?

Under current Irish law, ebikes are not classed as ‘mechanically propelled vehicles’ (MPVs) or as pedal bicycles. Ebikes will now be legislated for using EU standards as a reference point and will be treated mainly in the same way as pedal cycles while the more powerful models of eBike will be treated as light mopeds.

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How much does a good eBike cost?

The most common electric bikes in the market today range from $400 to $2000. At SWAGTRON®, we leverage years of manufacturing experience to keep costs low while still using premium components and offering a plenty added value.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Some of the disadvantages of e – bikes include:

  • E – bikes are overall pricey;
  • Battery has a rather short lifespan;
  • Battery charge time is long;
  • Riding range remains low;
  • E – bikes are considerably heavier;
  • Maintenance and repairs are costly;
  • E – bikes tend to have low resale value;

Is it worth getting an electric bike?

Well, electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles including cost savings (no licensing or insurance required), improved health and connection with community. The real advantage to ebikes in my view is efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind combined with better range.

What is the best electric bike for the money?

ANCHEER 20MPH Ebike: Best overall electric bike The ANCHEER 20MPH Ebike easily wins over the overall best electric bike of 2021 category. The brand is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ebike manufacturers in the world with a range of well-built and fairly-priced models.

What is a good electric bike for a woman?

Comparison Chart: Women’s Electric Bicycles

Bike Price (MSRP) Battery
Yuba Electric Boda Boda $3,200 418Wh
Electra Townie GO $2,599 Bosch PowerPack 400 Wh
Tern Vektron S10 Folding $3,699 ‎Bosch PowerPack 400 Wh
Cannondale Synapse NEO $4,725 Bosch PowerTube 500Wh


How much is the cheapest electric bike?

The most affordable, complete electric bike ever starting at $399!

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Do electric bikes charge as you pedal?

Not All Electric Bikes Recharge While Pedaling Although some electric bikes will charge themselves while you pedal, most will not. Do not despair, however! Your electric bike might be a model that does recharge itself when you pedal.

Can I ride electric bike on road?

However, it is illegal to ride it as you would a standard bike (without it being registered and insured like a moped), on a public highway – this includes both roads and off- road rights of way such as bridleways and byways.

Do you need a driving Licence for electric bike?

Electric bikes (EAPC’s) are an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative means of transport for drivers who are disqualified from driving. Electric bikes that meet certain specific technical requirements do not need to be registered, insured, taxed and no licence is required to ride them.

What is a good cheap electric bike?

The Best Cheap E – Bikes You Can Buy

  • Best Value. Aventon Pace 350. aventon.com. $1,099.00. BUY NOW.
  • Affordable Cargo Hauler. Rad Power Bikes RadWagon. radpowerbikes.com. $1,699.00. BUY NOW.
  • E -Fat. Sondors X. sondors.com. $1,199.00. Buy Now.
  • Stowable. Blix Vika+ blixbikes.com. $1,599.00.
  • Lightweight. Propella V3.4. propella. bike. $1,299.00.

How long do electric bikes last?

With proper care and regular maintenance, a good ebike is a friend for many years. On average, ebikes last around 10 years. That number can be higher or lower depending on the type of bike and how you use it. If you are conscientious about caring for your ebike, it can last well over a decade.

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Are Valk electric bikes any good?

My new Valk ebike works as it was promoted. It is great. I love it! The price, at $1,300, is very affordable and highly competitive against similar ebikes for sale in my region.

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