FAQ: How Much Waste Goes To Landfill In Ireland 2017?


How much waste is produced in Ireland?

People living in Ireland produce more than 13 million tonnes of waste every year.

How does Ireland dispose of waste?

Landfill. Disposing of waste in a landfill involves burying rubbish and this remains a common practice in most countries. Additionaly, there are two municipal waste incinerators that accept municipal waste for energy recovery in Ireland (EPA, 2020).

How much waste is in landfills?

In 2018, about 146.1 million tons of MSW were landfilled.

Where does Ireland’s waste go?

Horner explains that once the waste arrives at the material recovery facility (MRF), run by operators like Panda, Greenstar, Thorntons and Greyhound, the process starts with the sorting of the mountains of materials, first by hand and then by machines. It then gets baled and the majority gets sent outside Ireland.

How much plastic does Ireland produce?

– Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in Europe; generating an average of 61kgs per person every year – almost double what the UK produces. – We produce the equivalent of nearly 2,000 water bottles, or 5,550 disposal coffee cups, per person annually.

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Is general waste sorted Ireland?

Local authorities must arrange for the collection, disposal and recovery of household waste in your area. In general, waste collections are carried out by private operators every week or two, depending on the type of waste. Some operators collect different types of waste on different days.

How do I dispose of old paint in Ireland?

The good news is that these can be recycled. Simply drop off your paint cans at your nearest household recycling centre. Check with your local authority for more details.

What goes in general waste bin Ireland?


  • Paper products (magazines, newspapers, brochures etc.)
  • Light cardboard (shoe, cereal boxes, kitchen / toilet roll tubes)
  • Heavy cardboard (ripped up)
  • Tetra packs (juice cartons, etc.)
  • Postcards, plain greeting cards.
  • Phone books & Yellow pages.
  • Food cans.
  • Aluminium drink cans (rinsed)

How much is bin collection in Ireland?

You are limited to 25kg per month in the general waste bin – with a charge of 25c per kg if you exceed that. €17.99 a month (€215.88 a year) for a bi-weekly collection of all 3 bins. You are limited to 40kg per month in the general waste bin – with a charge of 25c per kg if you exceed that.

Why can’t we burn our garbage?

Garbage has changed. Pollutants from backyard burning of trash are released primarily into the air, and close to ground level where they are easily inhaled—with no pollution controls! Ash that remains contains concentrated amounts of these toxic materials that can blow away or seep into the soil and groundwater.

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What are the benefits of landfills?

Advantages of Landfills

  • Landfills are an Excellent Energy Source.
  • Modern Landfills are Eco-friendly.
  • Keep Cities, Towns, and Districts Clean.
  • Keeps Hazardous Waste Segregated.
  • Landfills are Cheap.
  • Landfills Support Jobs and Local Business.

What type of garbage goes into a landfill?

What goes into a landfill? In most cases, landfills are municipal solid waste facilities that collect and bury whatever isn’t sent to municipal recovery facilities (otherwise known as MRFs). This includes food waste, paper, glass, plastic and other products that could otherwise be composted or recycled.

Is Ireland good at recycling?

Ireland has achieved its highest ever rate of recycling, surpassing all EU recycling targets, Repak reports. The country’s overall recycling rate of 68% for all materials is ahead of the EU targets by 13% and it is now one of the leading performers in Europe.

How many incinerators are in Ireland?

Currently, Ireland has no regional incineration facilities, although there are eleven small industrial incinerators which focus primarily on the incineration of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Incineration continues to be a contested topic throughout the country.

Can you recycle soft plastic in Ireland?

To date soft plastics have not been recyclable through the national household recycling bin infrastructure in Ireland. Customers can also leave behind hard, recyclable plastic packaging, such as multi-pack fresh produce packaging, which will be recycled as normal.

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