FAQ: How To Apply For Probate In Ireland?


Can I apply for probate without a solicitor?

Probate may not apply if there is no property, investments, shares or land owned or if the Estate is worth less than a certain amount. If Probate is required there is still no need to use a Solicitor for Probate and you can complete the Probate process yourself.

What is the threshold for probate in Ireland?

If there is an Irish asset, such as a bank account over €25,000 or shares in an Irish registered company or land in Ireland a Grant of Probate /Administration will need to be extracted in Ireland.

How long does it take for a will to go through probate in Ireland?

In some estates, a Grant of Probate is issued within months of the testator’s death. More typically, however, it will take a year or more. In Ireland, there is also a concept known as the Executor’s Year. This gives the executor 12 months to distribute the estate, starting from the date of the testator’s death.

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What documents need to be sent for probate?

The documents you need to send with your Probate application form are:

  • The original Will and any codicils. Codicils are small additions to a Will.
  • Two copies of the Will and any codicils on plain A4.
  • The death certificate or an interim one.
  • The correct Inheritance Tax Form, whether Inheritance Tax is payable or not.

Can a bank release funds without probate?

Once the bank has all the necessary documents, the funds will usually be released within 10 to 15 working days. All banks have their own threshold for how much money they can release from a deceased person’s account without a Grant of Probate.

How much will a solicitor charge for probate?

How much does a probate solicitor cost? Solicitors ‘ probate fees are usually calculated as between 2% to 5% of the value of the estate, plus VAT.

Is Probate needed if there is a will?

If There is a Valid Will Whether or not there’s a legally valid Will has no bearing on whether Probate is required. Probate is not required exclusively on Estates where the person died Intestate (meaning without a Will ). In fact, Probate is required on a lot of Estates where there is a Will.

How can I avoid paying inheritance tax in Ireland?

Consider depositing €3,000 a year into an account in their name. You can receive a tax free gift from anyone of up to €3,000 every year. This can be a good idea for grandparents to grandchildren. Each grandparent could give €3,000 a year, potentially netting a tax free payment of €12,000 per a year.

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How much does it cost to take out probate in Ireland?

Probate fees

Value of estate less than Fee
€250,000 €400
€500,000 €700
€750,000 €1,000
€1,000,000 (1 million) €1,300

Can probate be done quickly?

On average estate administration or “ probate ” takes between 9-12 months. Although probate can be done quickly, sometimes as little as 3 to 6 months.

How soon after someone dies is the will read?

Instead, the executor or a family member typically files the will with the probate court, and the executor or an estate attorney sends copies to everyone who has an interest in the will. This typically happens within a couple of months after a death, although finalizing the estate can take several months or longer.

How long does probate take if there is a will?

If you’ve been named in their Will as Executor, you and any other Executors are responsible for making sure their wishes are carried out. The Probate process takes around twelve months to complete and with really complicated Estates, it could take longer.

How many copies of a will do you need for probate?

How many copies of the grant of probate do you need? It’s a really good idea to have three to six sealed copies of the grant of probate if you ‘re settling the estate. That way, you can send copies to a few different organisations at once and still have one at home for safe keeping.

Do all executors need to apply for probate?

Do all of the executors need to get probate? Not all of the Executors named in a Will have to apply for Probate, although this can sometimes be the most logical option.

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How do you know if probate is required?


  1. Probate is usually needed if the estate of the person who died is worth more than £10,000.
  2. If most of the assets in the estate were jointly owned – such as a joint mortgage or bank account – probate may not be needed.

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