FAQ: How To Check Balance On Tesco Mobile Ireland?


How do you check your balance on Tesco Mobile Pay as you go?

If you have an Android or Apple phone you can download the Tesco Mobile App and see your balance anytime. The app is free to use. You can dial 4444 to hear your balance, type *#10# into your keypad to see your balance on screen or text BALANCE to 2112 to see your balance and remaining allowances.

How do I find out my Tesco balance?

You can also check your balance at any time by phoning our e-gift card Balance Check Service on 0345 0757757**** or by visiting the Customer Service Desk in store. The remaining balance will also be printed on the till receipt when you shop in a Tesco store.

How do I check my data on Tesco Mobile?

To buy, change or cancel a monthly data bundle just log in to My Account and go to ‘My discounts and bundles’. You can also buy up to a 1GB bundle by calling 4488 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. Your bundle will be ready to use within 4 hours.

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How do I login to my Tesco Mobile account?

To log into My Account you’ll need to enter your mobile number and security code. You’ll then receive a text to your phone with a PIN to log in.

How do I check my remaining data?

Go to the Account tab. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current data usage. View a tutorial on how to view your account’s data usage on your Android or iPhone. View a tutorial on how to check an account member’s data usage on your Android or iPhone.

How do I check my balance on 3 Mobile?

  1. To check your credit balance, freetext BALANCE to 50272, or check your My3 account.
  2. To see what you’ve been spending your credit on, log in to your My3 account and click View Events in the ‘Remaining Usage’ section.

How much credit do I have on my phone 3?

Visit Registering your My3 account. You can check your balance by clicking Check account balance underneath Account balance on the My3 homepage. Checking your balance will let you know how much credit you have in your account.

What number do I text to check my data?

English: *3282# (* DATA #)

Can I share my data on Tesco Mobile?

To transfer Tesco Bank or Tesco Mobile data, you’ll need to visit these respective websites. We advise you not to share your personal data with people/companies you don’t trust. In addition, do not share your verification code with anybody else.

How do I get extra data on my phone?

Check your plan, buy data and control notifications

  1. Open your settings app.
  2. Tap Google. Mobile data plan. To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status. To buy more data: Under ‘Buy data ‘, tap the offer that you want. Then tap Buy.
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Why can’t I log into my Tesco account?

If you can’t login to your Tesco account please do the following: Check your details are correctly entered. If you have forgotten your password please reset your password. If it asks you for Three Digit Verification then please enter the requested 3 digits from your Clubcard in order to proceed.

How do I pay my Tesco Mobile App?

To make a payment please log in to My Account and go to ‘ make a payment ‘ or contact us by calling 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone or 0345 301 4455 from another phone.

What network does Tesco use?

Tesco Mobile’s service is based on O2’s network. That means that if you choose Tesco Mobile, you’ll get a network with combined 4G and 4G coverage of 99% of the UK population. Get an idea of Tesco Mobile coverage in your area with the Tesco Mobile postcode checker.

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