FAQ: How To Declare A Car Off The Road In Ireland?


Can I declare my car off the road?

Vehicle off the road You must declare in advance that your vehicle will be off the road and not in use for a period of between 3 and 12 months. To do this, you must complete a Declaration of Non-Use of a Motor Vehicle Form RF150 (pdf), and submit it to your Motor Tax Office.

How do I permanently declare my car off the road?

If your vehicle is not going to be in use and will not be kept in a public place, you can declare it off the road. To do this you can: Complete the RF150 Form and submit it to your local motor tax office.

What happens if you dont declare a car off the road?

Motorists with motor tax arrears must pay them, with 10pc interest, and three months tax, before declaring their car as being off the road. It will also be an offence to make a false or misleading declaration, which can carrying a fine of up to €4,000 and/or six months imprisonment on summary conviction.

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Can you unSORN a vehicle online?

You can unSORN your car online, contact the DVLA by phone or apply to pay vehicle tax by post, the process is a lot easier than you might think.

Can I Tax a car without log book?

Can you tax a car without the V5C logbook? No. You cannot tax your vehicle if you do not have a V5C logbook. You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner, as a V5C only proves you are the registered keeper of said vehicle.

Can I drive a car I just bought Ireland?

The dealer must also have the new registration plates fitted before you take it away. You can buy Irish number plates at the NCT centre on the day of the inspection. You must register the vehicle before you can pay motor tax. It is an offence to drive an unregistered vehicle in Ireland.

How do I change ownership of my car online?

To transfer ownership online you’ll need to complete a form on the DVLA website. To do this you need the details of the new owner, you’ll need the 11-digit reference number from the car’s V5C. Once the online form is completed and submitted you’ll receive an email confirmation.

How long can you declare a vehicle off the road?

How long can I declare the vehicle off the road for? A8. The minimum period is three calendar months, the maximum is twelve calendar months i.e. you cannot declare a vehicle off the road for either one or two months.

How long does it take to change car ownership?

Applying online is the quickest route to getting hold of a replacement and should take around 5 days. Alternatively, you can fill out a V62 form and send it to the DVLA, although this process can take up to six weeks.

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Can you park without road tax?

Yes. The law states that a registered vehicle being kept or used on public roads must be both taxed and insured. You don’t need to tax your car if you ‘re not driving or parking it on a public highway. If it’s kept off road in a garage, on a drive or on private land, it must be declared SORN.

How do I remove a Sorn?

To remove SORN, all you need to do is tax your car over the phone or online. You can also do this at some Post Office branches. You’ll need the 11-digit number from your V5C form to do this. Taxing your car removes the SORN from your vehicle automatically.

Can I tax car online without MOT?

In order to renew your annual road tax on your vehicle you will need a valid MOT certificate, however you can insure your car without this. When taxing your vehicle, your vehicle will be checked to ensure that it has a valid MOT certification, so this will need to be obtained before it can be taxed.

How long does it take to tax a Sorn car?

SORN applications are usually processed within four weeks. If you apply for a SORN online, you’ll receive a confirmation email once your application is complete. If you’ve applied by phone or post, you’ll receive a letter.

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