FAQ: How To Get Your Driving Licence Back After Disqualification Ireland?


How do I get my driving Licence back after being banned?

Re-applying for your driving licence If you ‘ve been banned from driving due to a drink or drug driving offence, the DVLA will send you a renewal form (D27) either 56 days before your ban ends, or 90 days if you ‘re classed as a high-risk offender.

Is your driving Licence clean after a ban?

The Court would normally allow you to retain your driving licence which will then be automatically reinstated once the ban is served. The licence would normally be retained by the Court (or requested by the DVLA) as your licence will also be revoked.

Can I get my driving Licence back early after a ban?

If a driver was disqualified for: 4 years or less – they may make an application for early removal of the disqualification after a period of 2 years. 4 to 10 years – they may make an application for early removal of the disqualification after one half of the period of disqualification.

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When can I drive after disqualification?

You must wait at least three weeks before chasing the matter up. You cannot drive until your disqualification period has ended. Once the ban has come to an end you may be able to drive, even if your physical licence has not yet arrived.

Can I still drive while waiting for new Licence?

As soon as DVLA receives your application, and as long as you meet the Section 88 criteria, you may drive a car while you wait for the decision on your application. During this time you cannot drive a lorry or bus. If you would like to drive these vehicles you would need to reapply.

What is the difference between a driving ban and disqualification?

There is a big difference between a driving disqualification (or a ban ) and a licence revocation. Only a court can impose a driving disqualification. Driving with a revoked licence is still a criminal offence. It is much less serious than disqualified driving and can’t result in prison.

How long is a driving ban?

In most cases, an instant driving ban can last between seven and 56 days – depending on the nature of the speeding offence. For more serious speeding offences, an instant ban can last up to 120 days.

How long does a driving ban stay on your Licence?

How long does a driving ban last? Most driving bans last between 7 – 56 days. For example; bans related to speeding. More serious offences like drink driving or causing a serious accident will be much longer.

Can you pay to remove points from driving Licence UK?

You cannot remove points from your driving licence, by any means including payment. You have to wait until the points expire. Sometimes, you can make a choice at the time of getting caught (ie speeding, but not excessively), as to whether to take the points, or attend a course if you don’t want points.

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How do I get my Licence back after disqualification UK?

You must apply for a new provisional licence and retake both parts of your driving test if your licence is cancelled within 2 years of passing them. If your licence is cancelled you can apply for a new one at any time. Get form D1 from the Post Office. Send it with the fee to the address on the form.

What is the sentence for driving whilst disqualified?

Driving whilst disqualified is a very serious offence and one that carries up to 6 months in prison as well as a further period of disqualification.

Can you drive while appealing a driving ban?

If you need to drive for work or another emergency, it is possible to have your driving ban suspended while the courts work through your appeal. You will, however, have to apply for the suspension of your disqualification through the Magistrates’ Court.

What is a driving disqualification?

If you’re convicted of a motoring offence, the court can endorse your driving licence with penalty points or impose a period of disqualification. They can also order you to resit another driving test.

Will I lose my Licence if I get 6 points?

Under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act, any driver who gets six or more penalty points within two years of passing your test will have their driving licence revoked. This includes any penalty points given before they passed their test.

Is disqualification from driving a criminal Offence?

No. A driving ban itself is not a criminal conviction, but you could be banned from driving after receiving a motoring conviction.

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