FAQ: What Happens In A Driving Test Ireland?


What do I need to know for my driving test Ireland?

Tips to help you pass your Driving Test

  • Study the rules of the road guide book provided by the RSA.
  • Complete Driving Lessons.
  • Complete Pre- tests.
  • Have your documents and car prepared.
  • Get to the test centre early.
  • Remain calm and confident.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Keep your distance.

What questions are asked in a driving test Ireland?

“18 questions, including 10 sign questions must be asked. Obligatory subjects for all categories: Pedestrian Crossings, Traffic Lights, Headlights (Dipping), Road Markings, Right of Way and Road Signs. Further questions on additional topics from the Rules of the Road may also be asked.” Don’t get caught out!

What are automatic fails on a driving test in Ireland?

A grade 3 is an automatic fail, 9 or more grade 2 faults result in a fail, 4 of the same grade 2 faults for a single aspect and 6 or more grade 2 faults under the same heading also result in a fail.

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Is parallel parking on the driving test in Ireland?

In comparison to the United Kingdom Driving Test, there is currently no testing element for parallel parking in the National Driving Test in Ireland.

How long is the waiting list for driving test in Ireland?

“However, at a national level a person applying today would be likely to wait an average of 25 weeks for a driving test,” said Declan Naughton. More than 30% of those waiting for a test are in Dublin, with 31,277 people waiting for a test in the areas five test centres.

Can I drive after I pass my driving test Ireland?

After you pass you test, the tester will issue you with a Certificate of Competency, which you can then exchange for a full driving licence at your local NDLS Centre. Otherwise you will be required to re-sit and pass the test to obtain a full licence.

What is a Grade 1 fault in a driving test?

1 fault:- Minor fault. Grade 2 fault:- More serious fault. Grade 3 fault:- Dangerous/Potentially Dangerous fault, or total disregard of traffic controls.

Can you fail driving test on questions?

You will be asked normally between 3-6 questions on the Rules of the Road by your driver tester inside the test centre. If you get a question or a road sign wrong you will get a Grade 1 fault for “Rules and Checks” at the top of you test sheet. You cannot fail if you get all of your signs and questions wrong.

Can you wear sunglasses in a driving test?

Remember your glasses If it’s a very bright day, and you don’t need prescription glasses, you ‘re allowed to wear sunglasses during your test.

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What are major mistakes in driving test?

Top 10 reasons for failing the driving test

  • Junctions – observation.
  • Mirrors – change direction.
  • Control – steering.
  • Junctions – turning right.
  • Move off – safely.
  • Response to signs – traffic lights.
  • Move off – control.
  • Positioning – normal driving.

Is passing driving test hard?

The driving test really is unlike any other test you’re likely to take. It has so many potential pitfalls, high stress and nerves with an examiner sitting right next to you.

What are automatic fails in driving tests?

If the examiner has to intervene at any point, it’s an automatic failure. The examiner will only do this if they feel you are in danger of getting into an accident. For example, not yielding to oncoming traffic or turning the wrong way down a one-way street.

Can I drive straight after passing my test?

Can I drive straight away after passing my test? Yes. Although it could take up to three weeks for you to receive your updated photocard in the post, you don’t need to wait for it to arrive before you drive. As long as your car is taxed and insured, you’re good to go.

How much is a driving test in Ireland?

A driving test for a car costs €85. If you pass the test you can then apply for your full Driving License.

How many driving lessons should you have before your test?

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), you’ll need around 44 hours of professional lessons to pass your driving test. This is just an average figure – it’s important to remember that everyone’s different.

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