FAQ: Who Won The All Ireland Football Final 2014?


Who won the All Ireland Football Final 2013?

The 2013 All – Ireland Football Final, the 126th event of its kind and the culmination of the 2013 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship, was played between Dublin and Mayo at Croke Park, Dublin on 22 September 2013. Mayo were defeated by Dublin by a single point on a scoreline of 2-12 to 1-14.

Who beat Dublin in 2014?

The game was administered by Cavan officials led by Kill Shamrocks referee Joe McQuillan. The result was a shocking loss for the “unbeatable” Dublin — reigning League, Leinster and All-Ireland Champions. Having been down 0–8 – 0–3 down after 23 minutes, Donegal led 1–8 – 0–10 at half time.

Who did Donegal beat in all Ireland final?

Cork were favourites to win both the match and the championship, but Donegal reached the final following a 0–16 – 1–11 (14 points) victory. Tyrone’s Mickey Harte, a BBC analyst that day, expressed his shock: “To be honest, I could not see that coming.

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Who won 2014 Maguire?

– A List Of Sam Maguire Cup Winners –

Year Winner Loser/Runner Up
2014 Kerry Donegal
Year Winner Loser/Runner Up
2013 Dublin Mayo
Year Winner Loser/Runner Up


How many All Irelands in a row have Dublin won?

As of 2017, the Kingdom have won the competition on 37 occasions, including two four-in-a- rows (1929–32 and 1978–81) and two three-in-a- rows (1939–41 and 1984–86).

Who won All Ireland Football 2011?

The 2011 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship Final took place at Croke Park on 18 September 2011, with Dublin winning their 23rd title. 2011 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Championship details
Teams 33
All – Ireland Champions
Winning team Dublin (23rd win )
Captain Bryan Cullen


Who was the last team to beat Dublin in the Senior All-Ireland football championship?

This is the Tipperary team that won the 1920 GAA Football All – Ireland title. Tipperary beat Dublin (O’Toole’s) on the score of 1-6 to 1-2 in the final, played at Croke Park on June 11, 1922.

When did Meath last win Leinster?

Meath won the 1999 Leinster Championship with emphatic wins over Wicklow (2-10 to 0-6), Offaly (1-13 to 0-9), and their great rivals Dublin (1-14 to 0-12). Meath then reached another All-Ireland final against their rivals of decade previously, Cork. Meath won their seventh All-Ireland on a scoreline of 1-11 to 1-8.

When did Donegal win all-Ireland?

Donegal last won the All – Ireland Senior Football Championship in 2012. The team last won the Ulster Senior Football Championship in 2019.

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Do GAA players get paid?

GAA players may not be getting paid to play the sport they commit so much of their lives to but ‘pay for posts’ is well and truly here. Payment can be monetary, in the form of free gloves, supplements, or for some even a car.

How many times have Donegal won the All-Ireland?

By county

# County Years won
12 Louth 1910, 1912, 1957
12 Tyrone 2003, 2005, 2008
15 Roscommon 1943, 1944
16 Donegal 1992, 2012


What date is GAA Senior Football Final?

There will be a preliminary round in the qualifiers between the two defeated quarter- final teams in Leinster. The winners will progress to the first round of the qualifiers, with the losers getting relegated. The All-Ireland Hurling Championship final will be on August 22.

Why is it called the Sam Maguire?

The cup is named after Cork man, Sam Maguire, who was instrumental in the GAA scene in London at the turn of the 20th century. After Maguire’s death in 1927, a group of Sam Maguire’s friends commissioned a cup to commemorate the dedicated Gael, who had given a lifetime of service to the GAA.

Who made the first Sam Maguire Cup and where did he make it?

Sam Maguire Cup The cups design is modelled closely on the Ardagh chalice. The silver cup was crafted, on behalf of Hopkins and Hopkins, by the silversmith Matthew J. Staunton of D ‘Olier Street, Dublin. Kildare was the first county to win the Sam Maguire Cup after defeating Cavan 2–6 to 2–5 in 1928.

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