How Many Schools In Ireland?


How many schools are there in Ireland?

There were over 8,000 National Schools on the island of Ireland in 1916. By 1923 there were nearly 5,700 and this had dropped to 3,277 by 2014.

How many Irish schools are in Ireland?

A further over 13,000 students are receiving their primary and second level education through Irish in the Gaeltacht. Statistics.

Primary level Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland
Gaelscoil (primary) schools 143 35
Total primary students 536,747 168,669
Total primary schools 3,137 827

How many public schools are in Ireland?

There are 729 post-primary schools in Ireland comprising 383 voluntary secondary schools (52.6% of total), 254 vocational schools and community colleges (34.8% of total), and 92 community and comprehensive schools (12.6% of total). There are 356,107 pupils enrolled in these schools, taught by 26,185 teachers.

How many high schools are in Ireland?

There are currently 723 secondary schools in Ireland (2011/12 statistics [6]).

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What grade is 1st year in Ireland?

Have a look at this chart for level differences between the USA and Ireland:

USA Age Ireland
6th grade 11-12 years 6th class
7th grade 12-13 years 1st year
8th grade 13-14 years 2nd year
Freshman (9th grade ) 14-15 years 3rd year


How old is a Year 6?

Children entering this year group are generally aged between 9.5 and 11. Year 6 pupils are usually educated in primary schools or in area schools.

Is Ireland a rich or poor country?

In terms of GDP per capita, Ireland is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and the EU-27, at 4th in the OECD-28 rankings. GDP is significantly greater than GNP (national income) due to the large number of multinational firms based in Ireland.

What year is Year 9 in Ireland?

An overview of the Northern Irish educational system

Age during school year England and Wales: National Curriculum (plus Foundation Phase in Wales) Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Curriculum
12-13 Year 8 Year 9
13-14 Year 9 Year 10
14-15 Year 10 Year 11
15-16 Year 11 Year 12


What is the best school in Ireland?

  • University College Dublin. Ireland |Dublin. #1.
  • Trinity College Dublin. Ireland |Dublin. #2.
  • University College Cork. Ireland |Cork. #3.
  • NUI Galway. Ireland |Galway. #4.
  • Dublin City University. Ireland |Dublin.
  • University of Limerick. Ireland |Limerick.
  • Maynooth University. Ireland |Maynooth.
  • Royal College of Surgeons – Ireland. Ireland |Dublin.

Is school free in Ireland?

If you’re moving with children, you’ll be happy to know that school is free for every child in Ireland, and the high quality of our education in Ireland is a point of national pride.

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Does Ireland have a good education system?

Young people in Ireland have among the highest levels of education in the world, according to a major new international study. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report shows that 56 per cent of 25-34 year olds in Ireland had received higher or further education.

Where is Ireland ranked in education?

Human Development Index (HDI) Ranking

Country Expected years of schooling
1 Norway 18
2 Ireland 19
3 Switzerland 16
4 Hong Kong, China (SAR) 17

What is the smallest school in Ireland?

IRELAND’S smallest national school has doubled its size – to just two pupils. Scoil Aoife opened its doors in Tallaght, Dublin, for the first time last week for a single child, Ella Gilsenan (4), who completed her first week at ‘big school ‘ alone.

How long is school in Ireland?

Education is compulsory for children in Ireland from the ages of 6 to 16 or until students have completed 3 years of second-level education. The Irish education system is made up of primary, second, third-level and further education.

What do they call high school in Ireland?

The Irish High School System ( called Secondary School ) is divided into two cycles: Junior Cycle which lasts for 3 years (for students from age 12)

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