How Many Towns In Ireland?


How many cities and towns are there in Ireland?

There are eight cities in Ireland, and Belfast is next to Dublin in point of importance; according to Thom’s information, it is the first town of manufacturing importance. I believe there is a strong desire that the title of city should be given to the place.

How many towns are in the Republic of Ireland?

There are only five official cities in the Republic of Ireland (the rest are towns or villages ), and Dublin is at the absolute top of the list. 565,000 people call the central urban area of the capital city home, but there are more than 1.8 million people living in the metropolitan area.

How many towns and villages are there in Ireland?

Complete Irish Towns Data – All In One Place. The only all-in-one database of over 49,100 cities, towns, villages and townlands in Ireland.

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What are towns in Ireland called?


Name(s) Council Core County
Dublin City Dublin
Cork City Cork
Limerick City Limerick
Galway City Galway


What is the 2nd largest city in Ireland?

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland.

What is the smallest village in Ireland?

Garrykennedy is located on the shores of Lough Derg on the Shannon in Co Tipperary. It is one of the most picturesque and smallest villages in Ireland with a population of just 9 inhabitants. It is interesting to note that Garrykennedy has No Shop, No Church but it does have 2 Pubs!

What is the smallest county in Ireland?

The smallest county in Ireland is county Louth, which is just 820 km² in area – 9 times smaller than county Cork. The next smallest is county Carlow, which is 896 km².

Is Ireland a good place to live?

Irish healthcare is excellent That’s 12 places above the UK – and predictably, the differences don’t stop there. Ireland has a higher average life expectancy than the UK, at 82.1, as well as more hospital beds per person and a lower child mortality rate, according to the OECD and the World Bank respectively.

Is Clonmel the biggest town in Ireland?

The largest towns are Clonmel, Nenagh and Thurles. Largest towns.

Rank Town Population (2016 census)
1 Clonmel 17,140
2 Nenagh 8,968
3 Thurles 7,940
4 Carrick-on-Suir 5,771

Is there a real Kilabbey Ireland?

Ireland’s most popular singles festival, the fictional Kilabbey annual Matchmaking Festival, takes place at Killruddery House and Gardens, one of the greatest countryside manors in Ireland. This superb 17th-century mansion is located near Bray, south of Dublin.

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Is Cork bigger than Belfast?

Dublin is the only city in Ireland with a population greater than 1 million. Dublin is the most populated city in Ireland followed by Belfast and Cork.

Rank City Population
1 Dublin 1,110,627
2 Belfast 579,726
3 Cork 198,582
4 Derry 93,512

Is Ardnakelty Ireland a real place?

Cal Hooper is a retired Chicago detective who’s just moved to Ardnakelty, a small (fictional) village on the west coast of Ireland.

What are Ireland’s five landmarks?

They’re places that are uniquely Irish, often ancient, and many of them hold stories that you can, almost, hear on the wind.

  • Visit an Irish Castle.
  • St.
  • The Blarney Stone.
  • The Cliffs of Moher.
  • The Ring of Kerry.
  • Newgrange: The 5,000 year-old Tomb of Irish Kings.
  • The Giant’s Causeway.

Where is Bally Ireland?

‘ Bally ‘ is a pretty common place name in Northern Ireland. Some ‘ Ballys ‘ are mundane, others are a little more exotic – Ballycarrickmaddy, County Antrim; Ballywillwill County Down; and Ballyclaber, County Londonderry, to name but three.

What are common Irish last names?

Common Irish Last Names

  • Murphy – ó Murchadha.
  • Kelly – ó Ceallaigh.
  • Byrne – ó Broin.
  • Ryan – ó Maoilriain.
  • O’Sullivan – ó Súilleabháin.
  • Doyle – ó Dubhghaill.
  • Walsh – Breathnach.
  • O’Connor – ó Conchobhair.

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