How To Get A Revolut Card Ireland?


How do you get a Revolut card?

How do I order a Revolut card?

  1. Go to the ‘ Cards ‘ tab and swipe right to ‘Add new card ‘
  2. Choose whether you want a virtual or physical card.
  3. Select the features of card you’d like to order.
  4. Create and enter your four digit pin twice for confirmation.
  5. Confirm delivery address and then tap ‘Continue’

How long does it take to get a Revolut card Ireland?

After you place the order, cards are normally dispatched the next working day. Delivery time is currently up to nine working days for Standard. Express delivery to Japan, UK, US or Canada will take three days, or four days for other countries.

How much does a Revolut card cost?


Product Name Revolut Metal
Fee period Monthly
Maintenance fee €13.99
Card delivery Up to 3 working days
Free ATM withdrawal limit €800 per month

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Can I get a Revolut card for free?

If you haven’t already ordered a physical Revolut card, now’s your chance to grab one for free. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current or new customer – as long as you haven’t previously order one of our cards, you can get it for free.

How do I use my Revolut card on my phone?

How to use Google Pay with Revolut

  1. Download the Revolut app. Get started with Revolut on your Android device.
  2. Open the Cards tab. Tap ‘Add to Google Pay’ and follow the simple instructions.
  3. Pay with Google Pay. Hold your phone to the payment reader and you’re away.

Do you need a bank account for Revolut?

It is easy to open an account with Revolut in Ireland. You just enter your phone number and they will send you a sign-up link to download the app on your phone. You will then need to verify your identity by providing a picture of a valid ID document and taking a selfie. You will need to provide your PPS number too.

Can you move money from Revolut to bank account?

Can I transfer money from Revolut to my bank account? Yes you can! You can transfers money to a bank account in up to 31 supported currencies and set up beneficiaries for regular transfers.

Is it worth paying for Revolut premium?

Is Revolut Premium worth it? The Revolut Premium card might be worth the money if you are traveling regularly for max. 40 days and you aren’t insured elsewhere. The insurance that comes with the Revolut Premium plan will cover you in case of an emergency.

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How long does it take for money to go into Revolut?

International transfers usually take up to 5 business days to reach the recipient’s account. These payment timeframes can change from time to time, as a result of changes we make to our processing systems and partners.

Is my money safe with Revolut?

Yes, Revolut is a legitimate company and a secure option to send money abroad. The company is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Which bank is behind Revolut?

As a result, Revolut itself doesn’t store your money, it uses Barclays and Lloyds for that. Since it is not yet a bank, it does not offer any deposit protection.

Is Revolut a monthly fee?

Enjoy no monthly fee, no currency conversion fees up to €1,000 per month and hold an array of currencies in your account. A combined current account and IBAN account with unlimited free currency conversions and international transfers in many currencies.

Is Revolut a debit card?

Firstly, Revolut Ltd is a digital banking alternative that includes a pre-paid debit card (MasterCard or VISA), currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. Some of you might have heard of Revolut’s competitor, such as TransferWise, N26, Monese, Wirex or similar cards.

Is Revolut a Visa debit card?

Revolut offers both Mastercard and Visa cards as these are the two most popular cards globally. Remember, Revolut is not a credit or Debit Card – It’s a prepaid Revolut Card:) To find out more about which card is available in your country, click below to get your first free card!

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Is Revolut prepaid or debit?

The Revolut card is a prepaid debit card so you won’t receive an account number or sort code but you will be able to make transactions online. You can receive instant updates on your phone for the spending on your account as well as manage and budget your income.

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