Often asked: How Long Does It Take To Register A New Car In Ireland?


How long does it take for dealership to register new car?

In most cases, when buying a new vehicle, the dealer often registers the vehicle for you. If they do, you’ll get a V5C registration certificate (also known as a log book) in the post within 6 weeks. However, in some cases, it may be down to you to register the vehicle yourself.

How do I register a new car in Ireland?

If you register the car yourself at an NCT centre and your VRT payment has been accepted, Revenue will give you the registration number assigned to the vehicle. You can buy Irish number plates at the NCT centre on the day of the inspection. You must register the vehicle before you can pay motor tax.

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How long does it take for DVLA to register a car?

Expect to wait up to six weeks to receive the vehicle registration certificate. Other articles in this section: How to tell DVLA that you’ve bought a vehicle.

Can I tax my car without the logbook Ireland?

You cannot tax your vehicle until the registration of the change of ownership has gone through. You can check the status of the vehicle on motortax.ie. You can then renew the motor tax on the vehicle using Form RF100A or online.

What months do the new registrations come out?

When do the new number plates come out? New number plates are released in the UK twice a year, in March and September. The 19-plate was released on March 1st 2019 and will apply to any new vehicle registered up until 31st August 2019.

Can I tax my car while waiting for log book?

Can I still tax it at the Post Office? Yes – though you’ll still need your DVLA reminder (V11) or your Registration Certificate (V5C) plus a valid MOT, a (V62) is also available at any Post Office that deals with vehicle tax.

Can I return a car I just bought Ireland?

If you bought a used car without knowing it was faulty, you will need to make a complaint to the dealership that sold you the car. You can ask the dealership to repair the car, provide you a replacement car, or give you a refund. Consumer laws in Ireland only apply to deals that happen between a person and a trader.

How do I pay my new car tax in Ireland?

Pay your motor tax online at www. motortax.ie. Alternatively, contact the Motor Taxation Office of your local authority for more information and to pay your motor tax. Contact information for all local authorities in Ireland is listed in your public telephone directory.

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How much is vehicle registration tax in Ireland?

For standard passengers cars the tax rate of is based on the CO2 emissions of the car. For commercial vehicle the tax rate is either 13.3% or €200. Some vehicles are exempt from VRT such as ambulances and fire engines. Finally motorcycles are taxed at a rate based on engine size in cc’s.

Can I drive my car straight away if I tax online?

It is no longer possible to transfer road tax from one car to another. Instead, the current owner of the vehicle can apply for a refund (see above) and the new owner has to re- tax the car. The new owner will have to tax the vehicle straight away before driving it.

Can I register a new vehicle keeper online?

Register online register the vehicle to you online. fill in the green ‘ new keeper ‘ slip and give it to you.

How much does it cost to register a car in UK?

You’ll have to pay a fee of £55 if you’re registering and taxing a vehicle for the first time with DVLA. You can pay by cheque or postal order. You cannot send cash.

How do I declare my car off the road in Ireland?

If your vehicle is not going to be in use, and will not be kept in a public place, you will be able to declare it off the road by completing Form RF150 and submitting it to your local motor tax office. FORM RF150 can be downloaded from this website, the motor tax online website, or your local authority website.

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How old does a car have to be for classic tax Ireland?

In Ireland and for motor tax purposes, a vintage car is defined as being more than 30 years old. If three decades have passed since your car’s date of manufacture, a concessionary rate of motor tax will apply. However, many insurers will deem a car a classic or vintage when the car is more than 20 or 25 years’ old.

Can you drive without tax if you just bought car?

Can I drive my car home if I ‘ve just bought it? If you ‘ve just bought a car, you must tax it in your name before driving it away. The road tax is not transferred from the old owner to you, the new owner, when you buy the car. And you must have insurance, as well as a valid MOT if the car is more than three years old.

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