Often asked: How Many Foreign Nationals In Ireland?


How many foreigners are in Ireland?

In April 2020, there were an estimated 644,400 non- Irish nationals resident in Ireland accounting for 12.9% of the total population. See table 9.

How many foreigners live in Ireland 2019?

See table 3. In April 2019, there were 622,700 non- Irish nationals resident in Ireland accounting for 12.7% of the total population.

How many nationalities live in Ireland 2020?

More than 500,000 non- Irish nationals from 200 different nations live in Ireland and Galway is our ‘most multicultural city’

How many nationalities are in Dublin?

The ethnic population of Dublin was 90% white – including 400,749 white Irish at 78%; 57,748 other white at 11% and 1,923 white Irish traveller -, 1% black, and 4% Asian. In terms of religion, 75% identified as Catholic, 10% as other stated religions, with 14% having no faith or no religion indicated.

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How many Muslims are living in Ireland?

According to the 2016 Irish census, there were 63,443 Muslims living in the Republic of Ireland, representing a 29% increase over the figures for the 2011 census. However the Islamic community is very much a minority, especially when compared to the numbers of Christians and those of no religion.

What countries immigrate to Ireland the most?

Here is the list of the countries with the most Irish emigrants:

  • U.K. (503,288)
  • U.S. (132,280)
  • Australia (101,032)
  • Canada (33,530)
  • Spain (14,651)
  • South Africa (13,009)
  • Germany (11,373)
  • France (9,828)

What is the oldest surname in Ireland?

The earliest known Irish surname is O’Clery (O Cleirigh); it’s the earliest known because it was written that the lord of Aidhne, Tigherneach Ua Cleirigh, died in County Galway back in the year 916 A.D. In fact, that Irish name may actually be the earliest surname recorded in all of Europe.

Is Ireland a rich or poor country?

In terms of GDP per capita, Ireland is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and the EU-27, at 4th in the OECD-28 rankings. GDP is significantly greater than GNP (national income) due to the large number of multinational firms based in Ireland.

Is it cheaper to live in England or Ireland?

THE COST of living in Ireland is 13.97 per cent higher than the UK – as Irish consumers splash out more on groceries, fashion, cars and rents. Compared to the UK, while London might be an expensive place to live, the cost of rent throughout the rest of the country how much more Irish people are paying just to live.

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What percentage of Ireland is black?

In comparison, 92.5 per cent of Irish Travellers were born in Ireland. One in three of those with African ethnicity (38.6%) were born in Ireland (22,331 persons), as were 31.3 per cent (2,126) of those with other Black backgrounds.

How many Chinese are in Ireland?

The number of ethnic Chinese in Ireland is estimated at 60,000. The group is potentially the largest (and if not the second largest) Minority Ethnic Community in the Irish State.

What is the largest immigrant group in Ireland?

The largest proportion was Irish -American, which accounted for 16.8 per cent of all dual nationalities, followed by Irish -UK (14.7%) and Irish -Polish (8.8%). Just 12 countries, each with over 10,000 residents, accounted for 73.6 per cent of all non- Irish nationals in 2016.

How white is Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland had a population of 4,761,865 at the 2016 census. Demographics of the Republic of Ireland.

Demographics of Ireland
Minor ethnic Other White: 9.1% (total White: 94.3%), Asian: 1.9%, Black: 1.4%, Other: 0.9%, Irish Travellers 0.7%, Not Stated: 1.6% (2011)


How many deaths per year in Ireland?

Death rate in Ireland 2019 In 2019, there were about 6.3 deaths per 1,000 inhabitants in Ireland.

What percentage of Ireland is Polish?

The Polish minority in the Republic of Ireland numbered approximately 122,515 (2.57% of the population) according to 2016 census figures.

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