Often asked: How Many Supermacs In Ireland?


How many supermacs are there in Ireland in 2020?

Supermac’s has over 100 stores throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Supermac’s was founded by managing director Pat McDonagh.

Is supermacs only in Ireland?

The first Supermac’s opened its door in 1978 on Main Street, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Since that first opening Supermac’s restaurants have become a firm fixture in towns and cities around Ireland.

How many supermacs does Pat McDonagh own?

This division of his business adds to the 108 Supermac’s outlets he controls, along with the six hotels and the four pubs in the United States. But the monster plazas are the big growth area, costing upwards of €7.5 million apiece. McDonagh hopes to recoup his investment inside 10 to 12 years.

How much is supermacs worth?

Supermac’s boss Pat McDonagh is Galway’s richest man for the second year in a row, having amassed a wealth of more than €120 million. The former teacher from Ballinasloe and his wife Úna are listed in 70th place in the new Sunday Times Irish Top 250 Rich List 2011.

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How many Burger Kings are in Ireland?

Founded in 1954, BURGER KING ® is a global, quick-service restaurant chain with over 20 locations in Ireland.

Does just eat work in Ireland?

The food delivery business Just Eat has been operating in Ireland for 10 years. So yes, we’ve disrupted a traditional industry but we are partners with our restaurants rather than being competitors now,” Amanda Roche Kelly said.

When did McDonald’s come to Ireland?

The first McDonald’s opened in Ireland on Grafton Street in May 1977 – since then, it has grown to be one of Ireland’s largest employers.

How many KFC are there in Ireland?

With more than 25 restaurants in the area, you’re never far from a KFC in the Republic of Ireland.

Does Papa John’s own supermacs?

FAST food entrepreneur Pat McDonagh — who owns the Supermac’s chain of eateries — has bought the Irish franchise for the US pizza parlour chain, Papa John’s, for an undisclosed sum. The two names — Papa John’s and Supermac’s — will complement each other fully.

How much do supermacs make?

Revenues at fast food, hotel and property group Supermac’s jumped by 10% to €189.4m in 2019. New accounts show that the Pat McDonagh led firm enjoyed a record year before Covid-19 hit the business in 2020.

How many kids does Pat McDonagh have?

Family: Married with four children.

Who is the richest man in Ireland?

2021 Irish Billionaires List

Ranking in Ireland Name Net worth (USD)
1 John Dorrance III 2.8 billion
2 John Magnier 2.5 billion
3 J. P. McManus 2.3 billion
4 Dermot Desmond 2.1 billion
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Who is the most successful entrepreneur in Ireland?

Denis O’Brien – Ireland’s richest To have the title of ‘ Ireland’s richest native-born citizen’ says something when it comes to being successful. Having founded Digicel and Communicorp, he has worked his way up to being Ireland’s leading entrepreneur and has been listed among the world’s top 200 billionaires in 2015.

How many Mcdonalds are there in Ireland?

Countries and territories with a McDonald’s outlet

# Country/territory Number of currently operating outlets
22 Ireland 89
23 Austria 195
24 Belgium 85
25 Brazil 1,023


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