Often asked: Where Can I Buy Tesco Mobile Credit In Ireland?


Can you get IOU on Tesco Mobile Ireland?

Get 250 free Webtexts when you top up by €10 every calendar month. Your allowance will apply on the first of each month if you have topped up by €10 or more in the previous month. If you use up your Webtext allowance, you can still use this service.

What network does Tesco Mobile use in Ireland?

Tesco Mobile uses the Three network, one of the biggest and fastest networks in Ireland with 99.7% population coverage for calls and texts, 99.3% coverage for 3G data services and 99% for 4G services – so we have you covered pretty much everywhere!

How do I top up my Tesco Mobile abroad?

We recommend that you Top Up your Prepay account before leaving Ireland. While abroad you can Top Up through our Self-Serve mobile application click on the Android link or Apple link to download the app. While outside of Ireland the mobile app cannot be downloaded, so please download when in Ireland.

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What is Tesco Mobile Bonus credit?

You can use your Bonus credit in the same way as our Double Value credit priceplan, for things such as mobile data, calls and texts to standard Republic of Ireland mobile and landlines. A fair usage limit applies to the 30 day period succeeding your top up of 5,000 texts to mobile phones in the Republic of Ireland.

How do I get mobile data on Tesco?

To buy, change or cancel a monthly data bundle just log in to My Account and go to ‘My discounts and bundles’. You can also buy up to a 1GB bundle by calling 4488 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. Your bundle will be ready to use within 4 hours.

How do I add mobile data Tesco?

To buy a one-off data bundle, you can:

  1. Buy it using our free Tesco Mobile app for iPhone or other phones like Android.
  2. Log in to My Account, click ‘View or change my tariff & credit agreement’ and then select ‘ Add or view one-off bundles’.
  3. Call 4488 from your Tesco Mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Is Tesco Mobile Ireland any good?

They boast 99.6% population coverage and 99% coverage for 4G data services. Tesco Mobile is the biggest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Ireland, so, if you have good reception from Three, Tesco Mobile will work well for you too. For coverage information see Tesco Mobile’s Network Coverage page.

What is the best mobile broadband in Ireland?

Compare Mobile Broadband Prices Ireland

  • Eir do standalone 4G mobile broadband plans for €45/month for 100GB OR €60/month for 250GB, both on 12 month contracts.
  • Vodafone offer 150GB/month package with its Vodafone B528 4G+ Router.
  • Three offer 750GB per month for €30/month.
  • Pricing checked April 2018.
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Does Tesco Mobile work in Ireland?

Did you know that in Europe you can use your calls, texts and data just like you would at home for no extra cost? Bill pay customers click here for EU roaming. All Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad.

What countries does Tesco Mobile work in?

If you’re on Tesco Mobile, you can roam free in any of the following countries:

  • Austria.
  • Azores.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canary Islands.
  • Croatia.
  • Republic of Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.

Can I top up my Tesco Mobile Phone Online?

If you’ve got a no-contract SIM, you can also top – up for the first time online, using your card, Paypal or bank details to top – up. How do I check my balance? If you have an Android or Apple phone you can download the Tesco Mobile App and see your balance anytime. The app is free to use.

Can you use Tesco Mobile abroad for free?

You can also check roaming costs in our free Tesco Mobile app on Android or iPhone. How does it work on your tariff? Simply use your device as normal while you ‘re abroad and top-up on 4444 from a Tesco Mobile phone if you need to. It’s free to call 4444 from your Tesco Mobile phone when you ‘re abroad.

Do you have to top up every month on pay as you go?

Yes. If you choose a traditional Pay As You Go plan, there’s no need to top – up your phone every month. You ‘ll just need to keep your SIM card active which normally means using it for a chargeable activity at least once every 180 days.

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How long does Tesco Mobile credit last?

You get free credit once a month and it lasts for one month. After this, your free credit expires. Your free credit is always used before any paid top-up.

Are calls between Tesco mobiles free?

Tesco Mobile offers all customers unlimited free calls during evenings and weekends.

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