Often asked: Where Is Apple Headquarters In Ireland?


Does Apple have headquarters in Ireland?

Fast-forward to today, and Ireland is home to more than 6,000 Apple employees and a sprawling campus in the city of Cork. Cork also serves as Apple’s European headquarters, supporting customers across the continent and beyond. The facility in Cork, Ireland, was Apple’s first outside of the US.

Why did Apple locate its European headquarters in Ireland?

Manufacturing for export was a tax-free activity in Ireland at the time, which explains why the company paid no tax, or almost no tax, until 1991. Then the law changed and Ireland granted Apple the infamous tax ruling the European Commission disapproves of.

Is Apple based in Cork?

Apple’s European headquarters at Hollyhill above Cork city. Incredibly, the city’s largest private-sector employer now has close to one million sq ft of office and production buildings in Cork.

Where is Apple legally based?

Apple Inc.

Overhead view of Apple Park located in Cupertino, California
Founded April 1, 1976
Founders Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne
Headquarters 1 Apple Park Way Cupertino, California, U.S.
Number of locations 512 retail stores (2021)
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Why is there no Apple store in Ireland?

Apple’s only official store on the island of Ireland opened at Belfast’s Victoria Square in 2008. In the Republic, the company instead relies on its network of “premium resellers” and other retailers. And that setup doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

Why is Apple registered Ireland?

The earliest recorded versions of the Double Irish-type BEPS tools are by Apple in the late 1980s, and the EU discovered Irish Revenue tax rulings on the Double Irish for Apple in 1991.

How Much Does Apple Owe Ireland?

On 29 August 2016, after a two-year investigation, Margrethe Vestager of the European Commission announced: “Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple”. The Commission ordered Apple to pay €13 billion, plus interest, in unpaid Irish taxes from 2004–14 to the Irish state.

Where is Google based in Ireland?

Based in Dublin’s historic docklands area, Google has expanded its facilities over the past 15 years to accommodate an ever growing workforce, which is based across four properties, including the tallest commercial building in Dublin. The Foundry, a Digital Innovation Centre, was opened in 2013.

Where is Google headquarters in Europe?

Google’s European headquarters is located in Dublin’s Silicon Docks, a neighborhood that’s home to many high-tech companies and whose name was inspired by California’s Silicon Valley. The sales team supports more than 100 markets, and its engineering team takes care of Google’s European data centers.

Why did Apple move to Cork?

Apple wanted to establish a foothold in Europe, and the Irish government and the IDA beat competition from Britain and elsewhere to secure the plant for Cork. A decade of growth followed, and employment at the plant increased to almost 1,000 people.

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How long is Apple in Cork?

Apple’s Cork campus celebrates 40 years of community and looks to the future. Apple employees through four decades at the company’s Cork campus in Ireland. The story of Apple in Ireland began in 1980 with a single manufacturing facility and 60 employees.

Why did Apple set up cork?

At the time, the company knew that in order to serve customers in Europe, it would need a base there. So, in October 1980, Apple opened a factory in Cork, Ireland with 60 employees. At the time, Cork was suffering from high unemployment and extremely low economic investment.

Who owns Apple now?

Tim Cook Owns 950,767 Shares Tim Cook currently serves as Apple’s CEO, a position that he has held since succeeding Steve Jobs in 2011.

Where does Apple hide its money?

Apple relocated its cash stockpile to the tiny island of Jersey after the beginning of the investigation back in 2014. Jersey is located near the coast of Normandy.

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