Often asked: Who Can See A Will In Ireland?


Are beneficiaries entitled to a copy of the will in Ireland?

Generally, the solicitor who is dealing with the case will contact you if you are a beneficiary. Usually you will get a letter, showing you what the will says and telling you what you will receive. At this stage you are not entitled to a copy of the Will unless the executor gives permission.

How long after death is a will read in Ireland?

The Probate Office or Registry will send you a Grant of Representation by post. This usually takes around 3 weeks.

Can anyone request to see a will?

Only the executors appointed in a will are entitled to see the will before probate is granted. If you are not an executor, the solicitors of the person who has died or the person’s bank, if it has the will, cannot allow you to see it or send you a copy of it, unless the executors agree.

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Are wills public record in Ireland?

All wills eventually become publicly available in Ireland but not until probate has been granted. Until probate is formally sought and granted, an executor is not allowed to carry out the instructions contained in the will – i.e give out bequests and inheritances in line with the wishes of the person who has died.

Does a spouse automatically inherit everything Ireland?

If you are married with no children, your entire state will automatically be granted to your spouse. If you are married with children, your spouse will inherit two thirds of the estate and the remaining third will be divided equally between your children. They will share the estate equally between them.

Who is entitled to a copy of a will in Ireland?

The simple answer is no. There is no automatic entitlement to see a person’s will until a grant of probate has been passed. At that point, it is a public document and it is open to anyone to apply to the Probate Office to see a copy. That right is not limited to family or to people named in the will.

Do all wills go to probate in Ireland?

It is not always necessary to extract a Grant of Probate. A Grant of Probate will not be required where all assets and property are held in joint names. If there are shares or land or property in Ireland a Grant of Probate will always be required.

Can you view a will online in Ireland?

The original documents cannot be accessed online but can be viewed in the Reading Room of the National Archives, or a copy obtained for a fee. For further information on ordering a copy please see Obtain copies of archives. From 1858 to 1917, the calendars cover the whole of Ireland.

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How soon after someone dies is the will read?

Instead, the executor or a family member typically files the will with the probate court, and the executor or an estate attorney sends copies to everyone who has an interest in the will. This typically happens within a couple of months after a death, although finalizing the estate can take several months or longer.

What you should never put in your will?

Types of Property You Can’t Include When Making a Will

  • Property in a living trust. One of the ways to avoid probate is to set up a living trust.
  • Retirement plan proceeds, including money from a pension, IRA, or 401(k)
  • Stocks and bonds held in beneficiary.
  • Proceeds from a payable-on-death bank account.

What voids a will?

If the court finds that fraud or undue influence were involved in the creation of your will, it will be deemed invalid. Common situations could include: A family member getting the testator to sign a will by pretending it is just a general legal document that needs a signature.

Do beneficiaries have a right to see the will?

Technically, you only have the legal right to see the Will once the Grant of Probate is issued and it becomes a public document. This means if you were to ask to see the Will before then, the executors could theoretically refuse.

How do I find details of a will?

How to find a will before probate

  1. Check their home. Your first port of call should be to check the home of the person who’s died for either the document itself or, if a solicitor helped to create the will, their contact details.
  2. Check with local solicitors.
  3. Check the National Will Register.
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How do I find details of a will in Ireland?

Once a grant of probate or letters of administration has issued, copies of the grant and the original will may be obtained on payment of the appropriate fee by any member of the public. The Probate Office and the District Probate Registries hold the records for grants which have issued within the past 20 years.

How do you find out if someone left a will in Ireland?

If the solicitor of the deceased is unknown, the family should then contact solicitors in the area who can check with other solicitors whether they hold a will. An advertisement can be published in the Law Society of Ireland’s magazine, the Gazette, making enquiries as to whether the deceased left a will.

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