Question: How Many Dairy Cows In Ireland?


How many dairy cows are in Ireland 2020?

The decade from 2011 to 2020 witnessed a continuous year-by-year increase in the number of dairy cows in the Republic of Ireland, according to the ICBF. Total dairy cow numbers for 2020, as of June 30, stood at 1,570,180 – breaking the 1.5 million barrier for the second successive year.

How many dairy cows are in Ireland in 2019?

The number of dairy cows in 2019 was 1,504,800, an increase of 1.6% on 2018. The domestic milk intake increased by just over 47% in the period 2013 to 2019. In 2019, the estimated domestic milk intake in litres by creameries and pasteurisers in Ireland was 7,986 million litres, an increase of over 5% on 2018.

How many cows are in Ireland 2020?

Bull Data Revisions

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Table 2 Number of Cattle
Description June 2018 Change 2019 – 2020
Total cattle 7,348.5 105.8
Dairy cows 1 1,480.9 62.9
Other cows 1,047.9 -16.5


How many cows are in Republic of Ireland?

There was a total of 6.9 million cattle on 111,300 farms in Ireland, giving an average herd size of 62 cattle.

What is the biggest dairy farm in Ireland?

Greenhills farm is Ireland’s largest dairy farm where the Brownes operate from a 486ha (1,200 acres) platform, of which 166ha is leased. Much of the leased land is located within two miles of the home farm and is used for silage or zero-grazing, if needed.

What is the average dairy herd size in Ireland?

Figures from the 2019 National Farm Survey (compiled by Teagasc) show significant structural changes on Irish dairy farms, with the average ( dairy cow ) herd size having increased to 80 in 2019. That’s up from 64 in 2010.

Which county in Ireland has the most cows?

County Galway is leading the way for the highest number of beef cows per county, with a total of 105,861 beef cows, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) data shows.

How much do dairy farmers make in Ireland?

The review and outlook pointed to the average dairy farm income which increased by 9% to €66,570 last year. It stated that “the reversion to normal weather conditions in 2019; the related fall in feed expenditure; and a further boost in milk production offset the fall in the milk price in 2019 (down 3%).”

How many cows are in Ireland 2021?

Size of national cattle herd falls for third consecutive year 19 February 2021 Free. A 2% increase in dairy cow numbers to 1.45m head was more than offset by a 4% decline in the number of beef cows in Ireland to just 923,000 head.

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Is there more cows than humans in Ireland?

The Irish Farmers Journal has complied a list of interesting farm related census facts and have also figured out the country has more cows than people speaking Irish and there are four times more same-sex couples in the country than there are wild boars.

How much milk does a cow produce per day Ireland?

Herds milking around six gallons (27L) per day in June should be milking 24L in July and about 21L in August. Herds milking around six gallons (27L) per day in June should be milking 24L in July and about 21L in August.

What kind of cows are in Ireland?

Kerry cattle ( Irish: Bó Chiarraí or Buinín) are a rare breed of dairy cattle, native to Ireland. They are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in Europe, probably derived from small black cattle brought to Ireland by Neolithic man.

Does Ireland have more sheep or cattle?

There were 1% fewer cattle but 1% more sheep in Ireland at the end of 2020 than a year ago, according to the latest survey by Central Statistics Office Ireland.

Does Ireland have a lot of cows?

The strength of beef and dairy farming means more than 6.6 million cattle were spread across 111,000 farms in 2010. Just under a million cattle (15 per cent) are in Co Cork. In comparison, there were 4.7 million sheep in Ireland in 2010, distributed among 32,100 farms, with an average flock of 148.

Do they have cows in Ireland?

Kerry cattle are a rare breed of dairy cattle, native to Ireland. They are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in Europe.

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