Question: How To Become A Reflexologist In Ireland?


How long does it take to become a reflexologist?

Reflexology school programs generally take between six and twelve months to complete and involve 150 to 300 hours of study combined with hands-on practice. Some schools offer online as well as traditional classroom programs to meet course work requirements.

What qualifications do you need to do reflexology?

What do I need to do to become a reflexologist? To be a reflexologist you will first need to gain membership of a professional body, which usually requires a level 3 diploma.

Is reflexology popular in Ireland?

But reflexology is no laughing matter. It is now one of Ireland’s top complementary therapies.

How much does a reflexologist earn UK?

A reflexologist starting out is likely to earn from £11,000 – £14,000 per annum. An experienced reflexologist with a good client base can earn between £20,000 – £35,000 per annum. A reflexologist who runs their own clinic with other employees on the payroll may earn upwards of £35,000 per annum.

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Do reflexologists have to be registered?

What licences does a reflexologist need? At the moment there are no licensing requirements that relate specifically to reflexology practices. However, local authorities in some areas may require businesses that offer ‘special treatments’ such as reflexology to obtain a licence from them.

How much does a LMT make?

What Is the Average Massage Therapist Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
California $49,351 $4,113
Vermont $49,300 $4,108
South Carolina $48,613 $4,051
Colorado $48,500 $4,042


Can I teach myself reflexology?

A simple reflexology massage can be all it takes to get your mind and body back on track. But you don’t necessarily have to book in for a full treatment – although if you have the time and the funds to spare we can ‘t recommend enough – you can give yourself a DIY massage at home.

Where can I learn Indian head massage?

  • Kings Cross: 455 Caledonian Rd, London N7 9BA.
  • Harrow: 10 Bonnersfield Lane, Harrow, Middx. HA1 2JR.
  • Birmingham: Avebury House. 55 Newhall Street. Birmingham B3 3RB. Tel: 020 7700 3777.

Can you learn reflexology online?

Introduction to the Reflexology Course This is an online training course that offers students the unique ability to learn the curriculum in their own time and at their own pace. Many students who take the course still work full time, which helps you to maintain your current lifestyle whilst working towards your goals.

How do you find a good reflexologist?

How Can I Find a Reflexology Therapist?

  1. Ask others for a recommendation.
  2. Check the websites of professional associations.
  3. Ask about training and certification.
  4. Ask the practitioner how they work.
  5. Explore payment options prior to booking a session.
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Does foot reflexology really work?

Several studies indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as stress and anxiety, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Given that reflexology is also low risk, it can be a reasonable option if you’re seeking relaxation and stress relief.

How much is reflexology in Ireland?

Gerald du Bois, registrar of the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland, says that the average cost of a one-hour reflexology treatment is about €60.

How do I train to be a reflexologist UK?


  1. Postgraduate qualifications.
  2. Foundation degrees and a degree in holistic or complementary medicine.
  3. A level 3 diploma in reflexology or complementary therapies.

Do reflexologists make good money?

Santa Clara, CA beats the national average by $10,584 (14.5%), and Lakes, AK furthers that trend with another $11,907 (16.3%) above the $72,877 average. What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Reflexology Therapist Jobs.

City Fremont, CA
Annual Salary $81,260
Monthly Pay $6,772
Weekly Pay $1,563
Hourly Wage $39.07

How much can a massage therapist earn UK?

Massage Therapist Average Salary in United Kingdom 2021 The average massage therapist salary in the United Kingdom is £25,845 per year or £13.25 per hour. Entry level positions start at £19,500 per year while most experienced workers make up to £63,594 per year.

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