Question: How To Check Balance On Lycamobile Ireland?


How do I top-up Lycamobile Ireland?

You can buy Lycamobile top – up vouchers online at www. lycamobile. ie or from your local retailer. Lycamobile is available at over 5,000 stores across Ireland. The voucher will show a PIN either printed on it or underneath a scratch panel. Topping – up online is the most convenient way to top – up your Lycamobile.

What is the code to check Lycamobile number?

Once you’ ve inserted your new Lycamobile SIM, you can view your number by dialling *132# (or 97#).

How do I check my phone balance?

Check balance of Airtel,Idea,Vodafone,BSNL,Videocon,Reliance,Tata Docomo and Aircel. How to check Balance in All mobile Networks.

Mobile Network Balance Check
Aircel *125#
BSNL *123#
Idea *121# or *125#
Reliance *367#

How much data do I have left lycamobile?

I would like to know the balance on my Lyca SIM card and also how much allowance I have left (minutes, texts or data ), how can I do that? You can always check your available balance/allowance by dialing *131# from your handset. Alternatively, you can call our Automated Voice response at 131 from your Lycamobile number.

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How do I check my lycamobile balance?

You can always check your balance by dialling *131# from your handset. Alternatively, you can call our Automated Voice Response on 321 from your Lycamobile phone.

How do I check my Lycamobile bundle balance?

How do I check if a bundle is active on my Lycamobile? Please remember that you can always dial *137# to check your balance and allowance details on your Lycamobile account.

How do I find my Lycamobile account number and PIN?


  1. Account number: 11 digits, you will need to call Customer Service at 1-866-277-3221.
  2. PIN number: This is your four-digit CIP number. Lyca usually sends this number via text when you first register for your account on their website.

How do I get my lycamobile PAC code?

Text PAC to 65075 to receive a PAC Code from Lycamobile. By Phone: You can get a PAC Code by calling Lycamobile. To do this, call them on 322 using your Lycamobile handset. Alternatively, dial 020 7132 0322 from any other phone.

How can I check my lycamobile data balance in Belgium?

Simply dial *103*100# and press the Call button to display your balance.

How do I check my prepaid balance?

Most cards offer one or more of these ways to check your prepaid card balance

  1. Automated customer service.
  2. Live customer service.
  3. Online/Mobile App. Some prepaid cards allow you to check your balance on the internet if you set up an online account.
  4. Text message.
  5. ATM.

How can I check my prepaid mobile balance?

How to Check Airtel Prepaid Mobile Balance. Users of Airtel can dial *123# to check their main balance.

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How can I see my internet balance?

You can see your balance and data related info under the Account Overview tab. Further recharge can be done from the browse packs section. Last is the old USSD method in which you need to dial *121#. The USSD when run will show several options like my offers, talktime offers, data offers and more.

How do I check my lycamobile data balance Netherlands?

How do I check the balance on my Data Bundle? To check your balance, (free of charge) simply dial *136# and press the Call/OK button.

How do I use lycamobile data?

Follow the steps below for an iPhone or Android phone. 1. Mobile Settings

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Cellular.
  3. Turn ON your Cellular Data.
  4. Select Cellular Data Options.
  5. Turn ON data roaming.
  6. Select Cellular Data Network.
  7. If you do NOT see Lycamobile in the list, please add a new APN.
  8. Fill in these details:

How can I use Lyca Internet package?

In this package, Lyca gives you unlimited UK minutes, Texts, and unlimited calls in the UK. Lycamobile UK Plan with Forever Data.

PACKAGE -NAME Lycamobile UK Plan with Forever Data
SUBSCRIPTION Dial: *139*2544# Text: 2544 to 3535

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