Question: How To Listen To Voicemail On 3 Ireland?


How do I listen to my voicemails on 3?

Checking voicemail

  1. dialling 123 from your phone and following the instructions.
  2. dialling 07782 333 123 from any other phone and following the instructions.
  3. dialling +44 7782 333 123 when you’re abroad and following the instructions.

Does it cost to listen to voicemail on three?

On our network all calls are automatically diverted to your voicemail for free if you don’t answer, can’t take a call or you’re abroad. Voicemail charges.

Plan/tarriff Inside allowance Outside allowance
PAYG 3p per minute (or included in any Add-on voice allowance) 3p per minute

How do I listen to voicemail?

You can call your voicemail service to check your messages. Open the Phone app. At the bottom, tap Dialpad. Touch and hold 1. Turn on voicemail transcription

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap More options Settings. Voicemail.
  3. Turn on Voicemail transcription.

How do I access my 3 voicemail abroad?

Voicemail abroad

  1. Make sure you know what your PIN is so you can access your voicemail when you’re out of the country.
  2. Dial +447782 333 123.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by #
  4. In some countries, you may be asked for your Three phone number and PIN.
  5. Select 2 to listen to your voicemail.
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Can you listen to voicemails without credit?

The short answer is no. As you are aware, you can only check voicemail from another phone by entering a PIN that you have previously set up from your own phone via 443.

Can you retrieve deleted voicemail on 3 network?

Once a Voicemail has been deleted, it wouldn’t be possible to recover this as there is no place this is stored temporarily. Once a Voicemail has been deleted, it wouldn’t be possible to recover this as there is no place this is stored temporarily.

How can I listen to my 3 voicemail for free?

To listen to your messages or to activate your Voicemail just dial 171 from your mobile. Dial 171 and follow the instructions to complete the following actions:

  1. Return a call.
  2. Replay a message.
  3. Save a message.
  4. Delete a message.
  5. Change password/PIN.
  6. Change greeting.

How do I listen to old voicemails?

View a list of your voicemails

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. On the bottom, tap Voicemail. If you can’t find ‘ Voicemail ‘, call your voicemail instead.

How do I listen to my voicemail remotely?

How Can I Check My Desk Phone Voicemail From A Remote Line?

  1. Dial the direct number of your desk phone.
  2. Wait for the call to time out to your voice mail.
  3. While your custom voice mail greeting is played, enter your voice mail PIN.
  4. Your voice mail will begin playing immediately.

How do I find out what my voicemail password is?

If you don’t have access to your online account, you can dial in to your voicemail by pressing and holding the ‘1’ key on your phone’s keypad. After your phone connects to the voicemail system, you can access your password settings by pressing ‘*’, followed by the 5 key.

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How do I find my voicemail number?


  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Call settings.
  4. Tap Voicemail.
  5. Tap Voicemail again.
  6. View the voicemail number.

Is my voicemail working?

In many cases, an update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings can resolve the issue, but don’t forget to call your voicemail number to check if it is set up correctly. Once you’ve set up your voicemail, you’re free to switch off when you need to. There are other ways you can stay in contact, however.

Does it cost to listen to voicemail abroad?

If you’re abroad but within the EU you won’t be charged if someone leaves you a voicemail. You will pay to listen to your voicemail at the per minute roaming rate.

How do I access my voicemail abroad?

Call voicemail from another phone while travelling

  1. Turn off your wireless phone if it’s with you to avoid roaming charges.
  2. Dial +1 followed by your 10-digit wireless number.
  3. The plus sign (+) key appears on most phones if you press and hold down the 0 key.

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