Question: How To Renew Your Driving Licence Ireland?


What do I need to renew my Irish driving Licence?

Applying in person

  1. Your current or most recent driving licence.
  2. The appropriate fee – see ‘Rates’ above.
  3. Documentation to prove your identity.
  4. Proof of address.
  5. A Driving Licence Medical Report Form, if required (see below)
  6. A Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form, if required (see below)

What happens if your driving Licence expires in Ireland?

The RSA is reminding drivers that you can renew a licence up to three months before its expiry date. However, if your licence has expired for ten years or more, you must start the application process again and take a driver theory test, mandatory driving lessons and a driving test.

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How long do you have to renew your driver’s license after it expires Ireland?

You can renew your Drivers Licence within 10 years of the expiry date of your most recent licence. If this entitlement lapses, you will have to sit a Driver Theory Test and make an application for a Learner Permit as a beginner driver.

Do I need a new photo to renew my driving Licence?

DVLA will get the photo and signature for your new driving licence from your passport. If this is not possible you will not be able to change your photo online. If you have a photocard driving licence, you must renew it every 10 years – you’ll receive a reminder before your current licence ends.

Can I renew my Irish driving Licence if it has expired?

You can renew your driving licence / learner permit up to three months before its expiry date. This includes the new expiry date if your licence / permit was extended by four months (see Q3/Q5).

How much does it cost to renew a driving Licence in Ireland?

Driving Licence

Driving Licence Cost
New driving licences and Renewals €55
Category added or removed €35
Three Year Licence (Age or Medical Grounds) €35
One Year Licence (Medical Grounds) €0

What happens if you forget to renew driving Licence?

If they fail to renew their licence they will be breaking the law and risk a fine of up to £1,000. Motorists must renew their photocard licence when it expires. Once DVLA has received the driver’s application, the new licence should be back with them within 3 weeks.

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How long can you drive around with an expired license?

Grace period of 60 days granted after the expiration of license for purpose of renewal, and license is valid during this period.

Can I renew my Irish driving Licence if I live abroad?

If an Irish licence expires while a driver is resident abroad the entitlement to a licence remains in place for 10 years from the date of expiry. This means that the licence can be renewed within that period without undergoing theory test or driving test requirements.

Can you drive with an expired license Ireland?

Driving licences that expired after March 1st will remain valid for an additional seven months due to the disruption Covid-19 pandemic has caused to the renewal service. The change to the period of validity for driving licences follows the recent extension of the period of validity of learner permits.

Do I get a reminder when my driving Licence expires?

Yes, you’ll receive a letter to remind you to renew your licence before the expiry date. But if the DVLA doesn’t have your correct address then it’s likely you won’t receive your reminder letter.

Does an expired driving Licence invalidate insurance?

Not only can you be fined and receive a criminal record, but the offence is usually charged alongside the offence of driving with no insurance, as an expired driving licence invalidates any insurance cover.

How much does it cost to renew your photocard driving Licence?

Photocard licences are valid for 10 years unless otherwise stated. You’ll get a reminder to renew your photo before your current licence ends. You can also renew your expired licence at a Post Office, it costs £21.50.

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Can I still drive while waiting for new Licence?

As soon as DVLA receives your application, and as long as you meet the Section 88 criteria, you may drive a car while you wait for the decision on your application. During this time you cannot drive a lorry or bus. If you would like to drive these vehicles you would need to reapply.

Do you have to pay to renew driving Licence over 70?

Once you reach the age of 70, your licence expires, but this doesn’t automatically mean you have to stop driving. You just need to renew your driving licence if you want to continue. You ‘ll need to renew it every 3 years after that. Renewal is free of charge.

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