Question: Where Can I Donate Used Toys In Ireland?


Will charity shops take toys?

Homeware, such as ornaments, china, kitchenware and photo frames. Children’s toys and games (with a CE label if it’s a soft toy )

Where can I donate teddy bears in Ireland?

Teddies for Loving Care is a Charity for the benefit of distressed sick children, visiting Emergency Departments in Hospitals throughout the island of Ireland. The Charity is administered by The Freemasons of Ireland and supported by voluntary donations that are used to purchase teddy bears.

What can you do with unwanted teddy bears?

  • Donate to op shops or not-for-profit organisations.
  • Donate to emergency services or hospitals.
  • Donate to a pet shelter.
  • Arrange a swap with family or friends.
  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Make a teddy bear backpack.

Will charity shops close in lockdown?

Like all non-essential retail, charity shops across the country are closed at the moment until lockdown restrictions ease. However, thanks to platforms like Depop and eBay, many charity shops are continuing to trade online with some still accepting donations, albeit in alternative ways.

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Can I donate to charity shops during lockdown?

Once restrictions are lifted and non-essential shops are allowed to reopen, charity shops will be open to accepting donations in store as long as social distancing measures are adhered to.

Do St Vincent de Paul take toys?

Vincent’s Rathmines are delighted to accept donations of: Blankets, curtains, duvet covers and pillow cases. Books. Cd’s & Vinyl, DVD’s. Toys.

Are SVP taking donations?

Donating Money to the SVP Vincent’s is happy to accept cash donations in-store for the work of the Society. It is policy to give you a receipt for such donations. Alternatively you can also donate online here.

Can you recycle old teddy bears?

how can i recycle my children’s old teddy bears? If they ‘re in good condition, I’d be tempted to bung them through the wash then give them away to a charity shop or a refuge for another child to enjoy – but they might not be accepted for re-sale/re-distribution if they ‘ve been loved a little too much in the past.

What should I do with my old stuffed animals?

You can use them to fill a cushion or a beanbag, or take them apart and re-stitch them for a cool keepsake. Or, turn one into a backpack or cute purse. For those creatures that are too well-loved to go to a new home or be upcycled, many textiles recyclers will accept them.

What stuffed animals are worth money?

12 teddy bears that are worth a fortune

  • Steiff-Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear – $3,687.26.
  • Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear – $10,000.
  • Steiff Rod Bear PB28 – $10-12,000.
  • Steiff’s Grandfather bear – ~$12,900.
  • Steiff Alfonzo Teddy Bear – ~$16,000.
  • Steiff Diamond Eyes Bear – $35,000.
  • Steiff Centre-Seam Bear – $37,000.
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What do you do with stuffed animals you don’t want to get rid of?

If you want to get rid of old stuffed animals but they ‘re still in pretty good shape, you can donate them to a pet shelter. The animals will love them and most of these facilities are more than happy to take them off your hands.

What do you do with charity clothes during lockdown?

There are three main ways to donate unwanted clothes and shoes to TRAID.

  • Donate at your nearest TRAID Clothes Recycling Bank (open during lockdown ).
  • Donate at your local TRAID charity shop (hopefully from 12 April).
  • Book a free home collection from Thursday 1st April if you live in or near London.

Will charity shops close in Tier 3?

Does retail stay open in Tier 3? Unlike the full-on lockdown in England when only essential retailers such as supermarkets could stay open, Primark, B&M and other non-essential shops do not have to close in Tier 3. That means clothing, charity shops, toy stores and department stores can stay open.

Are charity shops essential?

Currently, only shops that are deemed essential by the government are allowed to be open. These include food shops, newsagents, pharmacies and garden centres. Shops that are deemed non- essential are things like clothes shops, charity shops antique stores, retail travel agents, betting shops and car showrooms.

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