Quick Answer: How Many Gaelscoileanna In Ireland?


How many Irish secondary schools are there in Ireland?

Education in the Republic of Ireland

Department of Education Department of Further and Higher Education
Total 1,091,635
Primary 544,696
Secondary 372,296
Post secondary 174,640


How many Gaelic speakers are in Ireland?

Estimates of fully native Irish language speakers in Ireland range from 40,000 to 80,000. Only 8,068 of the 2016 census forms were completed in Irish.

Are there Gaelscoils in Northern Ireland?

There are currently 29 Irish -medium schools in Northern Ireland and a further 10 Irish -medium units attached to English-medium host schools. In addition to these, Gaelscoil na Daróige in Derry City is an independent school teaching through the medium of Irish.

How many schools are there in Ireland?

There are 729 post-primary schools in Ireland comprising 383 voluntary secondary schools (52.6% of total), 254 vocational schools and community colleges (34.8% of total), and 92 community and comprehensive schools (12.6% of total). There are 356,107 pupils enrolled in these schools, taught by 26,185 teachers.

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What is the most expensive school in Ireland?

The country’s most expensive private school is St Columba’s College in Rathfarnham where annual fees for the coming school year for day pupils is €8,654, rising to €23,952 for a senior boarder.

What is the best school in Ireland?

  • University College Dublin. Ireland |Dublin. #1.
  • Trinity College Dublin. Ireland |Dublin. #2.
  • University College Cork. Ireland |Cork. #3.
  • NUI Galway. Ireland |Galway. #4.
  • Dublin City University. Ireland |Dublin.
  • University of Limerick. Ireland |Limerick.
  • Maynooth University. Ireland |Maynooth.
  • Royal College of Surgeons – Ireland. Ireland |Dublin.

What do Irish people look like?

Dark (almost black) hair, light eyes, with skin tone being undetermined but usually light. This is the most prevalent appearance you’ll find, and is usually a dead-ringer for Celtic background. There is also dark hair, dark eyes, with an olive skin tone. Often mistaken for being of Mediterranean descent.

What is the smallest Gaeltacht in Ireland?

The Meath Gaeltacht is the smallest Gaeltacht area and consists of two adjacent villages of Ráth Chairn and Baile Ghib. Navan, 8km from Baile Ghib, is the main centre within the region with a population of 20,000+.

How many Gaeltachts are in Ireland?

The largest Gaeltacht areas are on the west coast, in Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Kerry. There are also Gaeltacht areas in Cork, Meath and Waterford, as well as six Gaeltacht islands around the country. The overall population of the Gaeltacht is 100,716 (2011 Census).

Is Irish taught in Northern Ireland?

Irish Medium Education is a growing sector in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. Three major dialects of Irish are spoken in Ireland, Ulster, Connacht and Munster. The Ulster dialect is spoken and taught in Northern Ireland.

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Are schools reopening in Ireland?

The Department of Education has confirmed first to fourth-year students in second-level schools will return on April 12, the day they reopen after the Easter holidays. While schools are deemed safe once infection prevention and control measures are strictly observed, keeping Covid-19 out can be a big challenge.

What year is Year 9 in Ireland?

An overview of the Northern Irish educational system

Age during school year England and Wales: National Curriculum (plus Foundation Phase in Wales) Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Curriculum
12-13 Year 8 Year 9
13-14 Year 9 Year 10
14-15 Year 10 Year 11
15-16 Year 11 Year 12


What grade is 1st year in Ireland?

Have a look at this chart for level differences between the USA and Ireland:

USA Age Ireland
6th grade 11-12 years 6th class
7th grade 12-13 years 1st year
8th grade 13-14 years 2nd year
Freshman (9th grade ) 14-15 years 3rd year


What is high school called in Ireland?

The Irish High School System ( called Secondary School ) is divided into two cycles: Junior Cycle which lasts for 3 years (for students from age 12)

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