Quick Answer: What Time Is All Ireland Replay?


What time is throw in for All-Ireland final?

What time is throw -in? The match is due to start at 5pm.

When was the last All-Ireland replay?

The 2016 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship Final, the 129th event of its kind and the culmination of the 2016 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship, was a Gaelic football match played at Croke Park in Dublin on 18 September 2016 and was replayed on 1 October 2016.

Where can I watch the All-Ireland final?

To help facilitate members and friends living abroad the GAA is pleased to confirm that our official ‘Live Match Tracker’ will be in place for both the Football and Hurling All – Ireland Finals and available to a worldwide audience to follow on www.gaa.ie.

What time is the All-Ireland final on Saturday?

Highlights of the final, along with the ‘Team of the Year’ announcement, on The Saturday Game, beginning at 9.55pm.

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Who will win All-Ireland Football 2020?

2020 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Championship details
Winning team Dublin (30th win )
Captain Stephen Cluxton
Manager Dessie Farrell
All – Ireland Finalists


Who won the All-Ireland Hurling Final 2020?

2020 All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final – Limerick 0-30 Waterford 0-19. Limerick defeated Waterford by 0-30 to 0-19 in the All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final on Sunday December 13th at Croke Park.

What day is All Ireland Football Final 2019?

2019 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final

Event 2019 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship
Date 14 September 2019
Venue Croke Park, Dublin
Man of the Match Ciarán Kilkenny
Referee Conor Lane (Cork)

What date is the All Ireland Football Final 2019?

2019 GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Final – Dublin 1-16 Kerry 1-16. Dublin and Kerry drew at 1-16 to 1-16 in the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Final on Sunday September 1st at Croke Park. The replay will take place on Saturday September 14th at 6pm in Croke Park.

Who refereed the 2019 All Ireland football final?

David Gough confirmed as All – Ireland SFC Final referee. The GAA has confirmed the referees and match officials for the 2019 GAA Football All – Ireland Senior and Minor Championship finals on September 1.

Can you watch the All Ireland final on RTE Player?

RTÉ2 and the RTÉ Player will have live coverage of the both finals. There will be full highlights of the both matches on The Sunday Game on Sunday, RTÉ2, at 9.30.

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Is GAA go free?

GAAGO TV content is available for free to Annual Pass holders only. If you wish to access this content, consider purchasing or upgrading to an Annual Pass.

How do I get Gaago on my smart TV?

Android phones/tablets If you already have Chromecast enabled on your device and TV, the simplest way to cast the GAAGO stream is to click the casting icon in the bottom right corner of the GAAGO player. After clicking on the casting icon a green screen should appear on your TV with the GAAGO logo across the centre.

What is Irish Gaelic football?

Gaelic football ( Irish: Peil Ghaelach; short name Peil or Caid), commonly referred to as football or Gaelic, is an Irish team sport. It is played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch.

Can Dublin win 6 rows?

Dessie Farrell’s Dublin became the first team to win the Sam Maguire for a sixth successive year. For Mayo, it’s a fifth defeat on the biggest stage since 2012.

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