Quick Answer: What To Do In Tramore Ireland?


Is Tramore rough?

Probably a bit harsh. Walk the beach to the sand dunes and the ‘back strand’, very quiet there and a different experience.

What county in Ireland is Tramore?

Tramore Beach | County Waterford | UK & Ireland Beaches.

Where in Ireland is Tramore?

Tramore (/trəˈmɔːr/; Irish: Trá Mhór, meaning ‘great strand’) is a seaside town in County Waterford, on the southeast coast of Ireland.

What’s on in Tramore this weekend?

Events this weekend in Tramore, Ireland

  • WHSC Topper Traveller 2021.
  • Fairy School at Mountainview Market (Afternoon Camp )
  • Overlook: The Kickham Barracks Story.
  • Fairy School at Mountainview Market ( Morning Camp )
  • CAN Summer Surf Session.

How long is Tramore Beach?

It comprises 3 miles of sandy beach with sand dunes and cliff walks. Meaning ‘Big Strand’, Tramore is one of the most aptly named towns in the region, with its famous 5km golden, sandy beach surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and one of the region’s most popular resorts.

Are dogs allowed on Tramore beach?

at beaches. In addition to the general requirements under the beach bye-laws, the walking of dogs on Woodstown, Tramore, Bunmahon, Clonea, Ardmore and Dunmore East beaches is controlled under the Control of Dogs Bye-laws 2003.

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Is Waterford in Northern Ireland?

It is in County Waterford in the south-east of Ireland and is located in the province of Munster. The city is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour. It is the oldest and the fifth most populous city in the Republic of Ireland. It is the tenth most populous settlement on the island of Ireland.

How far is tramore from Wexford?

The distance between Wexford and Tramore Strand is 50 km. The road distance is 69.9 km.

Is County Waterford in Northern Ireland?

Waterford, Irish Port Láirge, county in the province of Munster, southern Ireland. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the south and from west to east by Counties Cork, Tipperary, Kilkenny, and Wexford. The county’s northern boundary follows the River Suir through the city of Waterford.

Where is Mullingar in Northern Ireland?

Mullingar (/ˌmʌlɪnˈɡɑːr/ mul-in-GAR; Irish: An Muileann gCearr, meaning “the incorrect mill, because it turned in a counter-clockwise fashion”) is the county town of County Westmeath in Ireland. Mullingar.

Mullingar An Muileann gCearr
Country Ireland
Province Leinster
County Westmeath


Where in Ireland is Kilkenny?

Kilkenny is the county town of County Kilkenny in Ireland. It is situated on both banks of the River Nore, at the centre of County Kilkenny in the province of Leinster in the south-east of Ireland.

How far away is Tramore?

Distance facts Tramore is 3,603.97 mi (5,800.03 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. How far is it from Tramore to the South Pole? From Tramore to the South Pole, it is 9,823.06 mi (15,808.69 km) in the north.

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How do I get from Waterford to Tramore?

The best way to get from Waterford to Tramore Bus Station, stop 331441 without a car is to line 360 bus via Riverstown, stop 331461 which takes 28 min and costs €6 – €10.

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