Quick Answer: When Was Storm Ophelia In Ireland?


When did Storm Ophelia start?

Storm Ophelia made landfall over Ireland as an “extra-tropical storm ” on the morning of October 16th, 2017 with wind speeds of up to 156km/h at Roche’s Point station in Co Cork. The storm caused major power outages, coastal flooding while all schools and many businesses closed for the day.

When was the last hurricane in Ireland?

Hurricane Ophelia (2017) – the most recent of the worst hurricanes to ever hit Ireland. When Hurricane Ophelia swept over the Emerald Isle on 16th October 2017, it was declared the ‘worst storm to hit the island in over 50 years’.

Was there a hurricane named Ophelia?

A Category 1 hurricane, Ophelia had sustained winds of 110 kilometers per hour (70 miles per hour). Tropical Storm Ophelia formed off the Atlantic Coast of Florida. As it gathered strength and size, it brought winds and rain to parts of the Florida coast, though the storm’s center remained offshore.

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What damage did Storm Ophelia do to Ireland?

Storm Ophelia caused almost €70 million worth of damage after it tore across Ireland on October 16th last year. The tropical revolving storm developed from the strongest eastern Atlantic storm in a century-and-a-half of records and brought wind speeds of 191 km/h to parts of Ireland.

What countries did Ophelia hit?

Hurricane Ophelia (2017)

Category 3 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Ophelia at peak intensity south of the Azores on 14 October
Fatalities 3 indirect
Damage > $87.7 million (2017 USD)
Areas affected Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Russia


Where did Storm Ophelia originate from?

Ophelia was very different. It formed roughly 300km southeast of the Azores and stayed local for a few days initially, intensifying to a Category 3 hurricane, the strongest recorded in the satellite era this far east.

What was the first storm of 2020 in Ireland?

Storm Brendan and storm Atiyah were the first storms of the 2019/ 2020 season.

What is the name of the next storm to hit Ireland?

Aiden will be the first storm to blow in across Ireland this winter, according to the new list of names released by Met Éireann for this year’s strongest weather systems.

What year did it snow in May in Ireland?

In 1993 snow fell as late as the month of May.

Is Hurricane Ophelia retired?

Following its usage in 1960, the name ” Ophelia ” was retired in the Western Pacific due to its long track, roughly 5,000 miles (8,045 km), and prolonged time as an intense typhoon. Tropical Cyclone Ophelia (2008)

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Where did Storm Ophelia hit the worst?

Yet it was still powerful enough to be the worst storm to hit Ireland in half a century, with the highest absolute wind speeds ever recorded: gusts of over 118mph (190km/h) recorded at Fastnet Rock off County Cork. Tragically, it also led to three fatalities.

How many people were affected by storm Ophelia in Ireland?

Hurricane Ophelia: Three people die as storm hits Ireland. Two men and a woman have been killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit the British Isles. As hurricane -force gusts battered the Republic of Ireland, one woman and a man died in separate incidents when trees fell on their cars.

How much did Storm Ophelia cost Ireland?

Although Hurricane Ophelia was not the strongest off all hurricanes, it caused a lot of damage. Ireland alone had $7 million worth of damage. Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland had $6.6 – $13 million worth of damage. It will cost a small fortune to repair what has been destroyed.

What is the highest wind speed recorded in Ireland?

The highest wind speed ever recorded in Ireland was 103 kn (191 km/h; 119 mph) at Fastnet Lighthouse, County Cork on 16 October 2017.

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