Readers ask: What Age Do You Get Free Travel In Ireland?


What age is free travel?

What age do you get a Freedom Pass? If you were aged 60 or over on the 6th of April 2010 then you automatically qualify for a Freedom Pass. However, as the pension age moves from 60 to 65, the eligibility age for a Freedom Pass will gradually increase to age 65 until the 5th of April 2020.

How do I use my public services card for free travel?

If you are entitled to free travel, the card will also display this information in the top left-hand corner.

  1. If FT-P is written on the card the holder is personally entitled to free travel.
  2. If FT+S is written on the card the holder can travel with their spouse, partner or cohabitant.

Can I use my English bus pass in Ireland?

With a 60+ SmartPass you can travel anywhere in Northern Ireland on any Translink bus or rail service and a number of coach services completely free of charge. This allows free travel throughout all of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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Do carers get free travel?

Carers travel free If the person you care for has a National Entitlement Card and they need your help when they travel by bus then you will be able to travel with them for free.

Do you get free train travel at 60?

You ‘re eligible for a Senior Railcard if you are 60 years old or over. You can buy one up to two weeks before your 60th birthday if you buy online, but it’ll only be valid from your birthday onwards. If you buy from a station, you ‘ll have to be 60 or over on the day you do it.

Can I use my freedom pass during lockdown?

They will mean that all passengers with an Older Person’s Freedom Pass, 60+ Oyster photocard or English National Concessionary Scheme pass will not be able to use those passes during morning peak hours in order to help support social distancing on the public transport network and help control the Covid-19 virus.

Is a public services card free?

Free Travel Customers If you are entitled to free travel the Public Services Card ( PSC ) will display the following information in the top left-hand corner. FT-P – you are personally entitled to free travel. FT+S – you can travel with your spouse, partner or cohabitant.

How do I use my free travel pass on the train?

You must show your Free Travel Pass at the ticket booking desk in the train station and get a free rail ticket. If you are making your return journey on the same day, you will get a Day Return ticket. In all other cases, you will get a single journey ticket.

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Do I have to get a public services card?

A Public Services Card is usually issued when you are allocated a PPS number. If you apply for, or are currently getting a social welfare payment (including Child Benefit) you will be asked to register for your Public Services Card.

Do pensioners get free travel in UK?

In England you can get a bus pass for free travel when you reach the female State Pension age, whether you’re a man or a woman. If you live in London, you can travel free on buses, tubes and other transport when you’re 60, but only within London.

Can I use my free bus pass in England?

Where you can use your pass. You can travel for free anywhere in England, including London on local bus services. It’s not valid for journeys within Scotland or Wales.

Can I apply for a Carers Grant?

You can search online for grants and other financial help: If you are a carer you may be able to receive a Carers Fund grant as part of a package of support from your local Carers Trust Network Partner.

Do carers get cold weather payments?

If you are entitled to a Cold Weather Payment, you’ll be paid it automatically. After each period of very cold weather in your area, you should receive a payment to your account within 14 working days.

Can carers travel free on trains?

Carers /personal assistants do not travel free on trains. If you are entitled to a disabled railcard or one of these discounts, then a person travelling with you is entitled to the same discount.

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