Readers ask: When Is The All Ireland Football Final?


Who won All-Ireland Football 2020?

The 2020 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 133rd edition of the Gaelic Athletic Association’s premier inter-county Gaelic football tournament since its establishment in 1887. 2020 All – Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Championship details
Winning team Dublin (30th win )
Captain Stephen Cluxton
Manager Dessie Farrell
All – Ireland Finalists


Who won the All-Ireland Football Final 2019?

Dublin defeated Kerry on a scoreline of 1–18 to 0–15. They became the first male team in GAA history to win five consecutive All – Ireland titles at this level. Ciarán Kilkenny was named as man of the match in the replay, becoming the first forward since 2013’s Bernard Brogan the Second to win the award.

Which county has won the most All Irelands?

By county

# County Winners
1 Kerry 37
2 Dublin 30
3 Galway 9
4 Cork 7


Who won the Gaelic Football Final 2020?

Reigning All-Ireland SFC and Leinster champions Dublin took on Connacht champions Mayo, with Dublin bidding to become the first Gaelic Athletic Association ( GAA ) team to win six consecutive editions of the competition. The match was played at Croke Park in Dublin on 19 December 2020.

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Who are the current GAA champions?

List of All-Ireland Senior Football Championship finals

Founded 1887
Region Ireland ( GAA )
Number of teams 34 (qualifiers) 8 (final series)
Current champions Dublin (30th title)
Most successful team(s) Kerry (37 titles)

Who was in the All-Ireland hurling final last year?

The latest All – Ireland Hurling Final was held at Croke Park, Dublin, on 18 August 2019 and saw Tipperary beat Kilkenny at a score of 3-25 (Tipperary) to 0-20 (Kilkenny).

Who won between Dublin and Kerry today?

Dublin 4-9 1-18 Kerry.

Who won most all Irelands?

All – Ireland Senior Football Championship
Trophy Sam Maguire Cup
No. of teams 33
Title holders Dublin (30th title)
Most titles Kerry (37 titles)

Which county has the most GAA clubs?

Can you list counties in Ireland by who has most GAA clubs?

Rank Answer % Correct
1 Cork 99.2%
2 Dublin 93.6%
3 Antrim 42.7%
4 Limerick 31%


Who won most Hurling All Irelands?

All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
Trophy Liam MacCarthy Cup
No. of teams 12
Title holders Limerick (9th title)
Most titles Kilkenny (36 titles)


When was the last time Mayo beat Dublin?

Dublin–Mayo Gaelic football rivalry

First meeting Dublin 0-8 – 1-4 Mayo 1904 All-Ireland semi- final (13 May 1906)
Latest meeting Dublin 2-14 – 0-15 Mayo 2020 All-Ireland Final (19 December 2020)
Meetings total 17
Most wins Dublin (11)

Is Mayo in Northern Ireland?

Mayo, Irish Maigh Eo (“Plain of the Yew Trees”), county in the province of Connaught, western Ireland. Mayo is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean (north and west) and by Counties Sligo (northeast), Roscommon (east), and Galway (southeast and south). Castlebar, in central Mayo, is the county town (seat).

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