Readers ask: When To Plant Grass Seed Ireland?


When should I plant grass seed in Ireland?

When to sow grass seed The best time to do it is between late summer and mid-autumn. There’s a few reasons for this: firstly, the soil is warm and damp from rain, which provides the ideal environment for your seed to germinate. Another advantage is there’s less competition from weeds around this time of year.

What month should I plant grass seed?

Plant cool- season grass seed in late summer or early fall ( when daytime temperatures lower to about 60 to 75 degrees) for best success. September is typically the best month, although you might be able to get away with seeding as early as mid-August or as late as mid-October; it all depends on the forecast.

Can you sow grass seed in March in Ireland?

For best results, lawn seed should be sown in spring (from March to May) or early autumn (September to mid October), when the soil is moist and warm. Before laying a new lawn, take some time to think about the part it will play in your overall garden layout.

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Can you just sprinkle grass seed on lawn?

If you simply toss the grass seed onto the soil, you will end up with poor germination. Next, you can use a lawn spreader to put down the grass seed. Very little soil is actually needed to cover the seeds, typically about ΒΌ- inch, so simple raking will do the trick.

Do you need to cover grass seed?

When seeding a new lawn, getting the grass to grow can be a challenge. Without existing grass to help, the seeds may not get enough moisture and may dry out. Covering the seeds can help lock in moisture to keep them from drying out, so they can sprout more successfully.

Should you rake in grass seed?

Raking is necessary because the seeds need to come in contact with the soil to germinate properly. You will still see some seeds poking out after raking but you will not see the seeds erode from the soil after watering. This is important because a newly seeded lawn will need to be watered at least every other day.

How long after planting grass seed can you walk on it?

After seeding, avoid walking on your lawn for at least 4 weeks. Seedlings germinating below the topsoil are extremely fragile. Even if you can ‘t see them, they can be damaged or killed by foot and vehicle traffic.

Should you lay grass seed before it rains?

In general, it is best to sow grass seed before it rains, as is easier to work dry soil and rake the grass seed into it. Many grasses grow best in cool weather, so are best planted in fall or spring.

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Can I plant grass seed in early spring?

Spring seeding is your second best option for planting cool-season grasses. Aim to seed early in the season, but wait until daytime temperatures are in the 60 to 75 degree Fahrenheit range. This roughly corresponds to the optimal soil temperatures for cool-season grass seed germination.

Should I plant grass seed or kill weeds first?

Any weeds and poor looking grass around the lawn should be killed before any seeds are planted. The answer to the question is pretty straight forward and so is the process. At the start of the spring and at the start of the fall season completing the following steps will replant and repair your lawn.

What is the best lawn seed Ireland?

McGuinness Seeds name is synonymous to the highest quality grass seed available. We have been supplying grass seed all over Ireland for more than 50 years. All our grass seed mixtures are Certified by the Department of Agriculture of Ireland.

How do I prepare my lawn for seeding?

Seed bed preparation

  1. Eliminate perennial weeds such as couch grass or bindweed well before beginning to prepare the seed bed.
  2. Dig or rotovate the site to a depth of 20-25cm (8-10in).
  3. Dig in some well-rotted manure or other organic matter (especially on a sandy soil) to hold moisture.

Can you use too much grass seed?

Ignoring recommended seeding rates Don’t overdo or cut corners. Too much grass seed causes undue competition for resources such as light, water and nutrients, and grass seedlings struggle as a result. Too little seed leaves lawns thin or bare.

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Can you cover grass seed with plastic?

Birds make a habit of eating the seed, and the seed needs to be kept moist and relatively warm almost all the time in order to have successful germination. Using plastic sheeting over the grass seed is an effective way of dealing with these problems and makes growing grass from seed much easier.

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