Readers ask: Where Is Knock In Ireland?


Is knock in northern or southern Ireland?

detailed map of Knock and near places This place is situated in Antrim, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, its geographical coordinates are 54° 35′ 0″ North, 5° 51′ 0″ West and its original name (with diacritics) is Knock.

Why is knock famous?

An estimated 13,000 pilgrims attended. Though it remained for almost 100 years a major Irish pilgrimage site, Knock established itself as a world religious site in large measure during the last quarter of the twentieth century, largely due to the work of its longtime parish priest Monsignor James Horan.

What miracle happened in Knock Ireland?

It was very wet that evening in Knock on August 21st, 1879, 140 years ago today, when 15 local people saw the apparition of Mary, St Joseph, St John the Evangelist, and a lamb standing on an altar before a cross, on the parish church’s gable wall.

Why is knock a sacred place?

“ Knock Shrine is a special place in Co Mayo in the west of Ireland because of the apparition that took place here in 1879. “On August 21, an apparition appeared to 15 people from the village of Knock. And people came to the spot of the apparition to get some clay or holy water to send to abroad.

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What is knock in Irish?

Knock. A Gaelic word meaning a hill. There are many example of this, including Knock (county Mayo), Knock (Belfast, county Down) and Knockmore [the great hill], county Antrim.

What is the Irish for knock?

Knock ( Irish: An Cnoc, meaning The Hill – but now more generally known in Irish as Cnoc Mhuire, “Hill of (the Virgin) Mary”) is a village in County Mayo, Ireland. Knock, County Mayo.

Knock Cnoc Mhuire
Irish Grid Reference M396818


What did Our Lady of Knock look like?

Nearly all the witnesses said that in their apparition, Mary was standing and praying, in a white cloak, with her eyes cast upwards, and with a golden crown. St Joseph stood to her right, with what one called “iron-grey whiskers.”

What is knock water from Ireland?

MADE IN IRELAND. Water blessed at Knock Shrine is valued and cherished by Knock pilgrims and few leave Knock without filling a container to take home with them. There are 18 outdoor Holy Water Fonts located in front of the Apparition Chapel. Pilgrims are welcome to bring their own containers to fill.

Is knock open?

Knock Parish Church is open for private prayer from 1pm to 6pm daily. The Apparition Chapel is closed until further notice.

Why did Our Lady appear at Knock?

An estimated 1.5m pilgrims from across Ireland and across the world flock to the shrine every year to pray at the place where an apparition of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is said to have appeared in August 1879. Since the apparition, pilgrims have come to Knock in search of healing, reconciliation and peace.

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What did Our Lady of Knock say?

In 1936, a second Commission of Enquiry heard from the two surviving witnesses, Mary O’Connell and Patrick Byrne. Mary O’Connell ended her sworn statement with the words: “I am clear about everything I have said and I make this statement knowing I am going before my God.” She died later that year.

Who did the Virgin Mary appear to?

Three shepherd children, Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, reported visions of a luminous lady believed to be the Virgin Mary. She appeared to the children in the Cova da Iria fields outside the hamlet of Aljustrel near Fatima, Portugal.

Where did Mary appear?

According to tradition, Mary appeared to Juan Diego, who was an Aztec convert to Christianity, on December 9 and again on December 12, 1531. During her first apparition she requested that a shrine to her be built on the spot where she appeared, Tepeyac Hill (now in a suburb of Mexico City).

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