What To Do In Killarney Ireland?


Is Killarney worth visiting?

Killarney, Ireland is one of the most picturesque towns in country’s beautiful South-West. No – even though the town can be a bit touristy and even crowded, it is certainly worth visiting, though it is best to plan your trip to Killarney outside the main season.

What is Killarney Ireland known for?

Killarney is a quaint town located in County Kerry, in the rural south of Ireland. The town is pretty famous on the ‘tourist trail’ of the Wild Atlantic Way due to its colorful 19th century buildings, beautiful national park and epic shopping.

What is there to do in Killarney today?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Killarney

  • Killarney National Park. Killarney National Park & Lakes.
  • Tour the Ring of Kerry. Kerry Cliffs, Ring of Kerry.
  • Muckross House Gardens & Traditional Farms.
  • Dinis Cottage and Island.
  • Visit Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula.
  • Muckross Abbey.
  • Ross Castle.
  • Innisfallen Island.
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How many days do you need in Killarney?

Two days in Killarney is enough time to explore both Killarney National Park, a 24,700-acre (10,000-hectare) expanse of lakes, woodlands, and mountains, and the Ring of Kerry, a scenic driving route around the Iveragh Peninsula.

Should I stay Killarney or Kenmare?

We have stayed twice in Kenmare. It’s easier to navigate than Killarney and puts you in a better position to visit both the Ring of Beara and the Ring of Kerry. Kenmare has lots of restaurants, music pubs, and shops but doesn’t feel as touristy and crowded as Killarney..

How do I spend a day in Killarney?

One Day in Killarney, Ireland: Things to Do in Killarney if Short on Time

  1. Killarney is home to the GORGEOUS Killarney National Park.
  2. One Day in Killarney includes lots of sights like this.
  3. A side angle of Ladies View.
  4. The winding water shot that makes Ladies View famous.
  5. Ladies View.
  6. Muckross House in Killarney.

Which is better Dingle or Ring of Kerry?

Best for Activities: Ring of Kerry The Ring of Kerry certainly has more historic sites and activities along the way than Dingle Peninsula. However Dingle has better pubs and music which was a huge part of our trip. You can also make a side trip to the UNESCO site of Skellig Michael.

Can you drink the water in Ireland?

The tap water in Dublin, Ireland, is safe to drink. Drinking water is a scarce commodity vital to the City and the health of its citizens. Generally, bigger towns like Dublin, you should feel secure to drink the tap water. But in rural areas, you may want to avoid ice cubes and stick to bottled water cautiously.

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Can I use dollars in Ireland?

You cannot use US dollars or other foreign currencies in Ireland. Sometimes areas near the border of NI & ROI will accept cross currency. 2. Cash.

What can you do in Killarney without a car?

Here are our top picks of free activities to do in Killarney:

  1. Killarney National Park. Killarney National Park boasts 26,000 acres, where the mountains sweep down to the lake shores.
  2. Muckross Gardens.
  3. Feed the Ducks at Ross Castle.
  4. Killarney House and Gardens.
  5. Ring of Kerry.
  6. Torc Waterfall.
  7. Muckross Abbey.
  8. Ladies View.

Does Killarney have a beach?

Killarney can hardly be described as coastal, but for those visiting this delightful town on the Ring of Kerry drive, you’re never far from a beautiful sandy beach.

Can you drive through Killarney National Park?

You can hike or drive through the park with a map at your own pace or take a guided walk. Also, you can bring/rent a bike to explore the Park’s most secluded places and enjoy its primordial beauty.

How much time do you need in Killarney National Park?

If you are thinking Muckross House and Gardens, then 3-4 hours is enough and yes, visit even if it is raining. The House is magnificent and there is a lovely restaurant in the visitors centre. There are lovely walks in the gardens and everybody goes out in the rain!!

Is Killarney safe?

Crime rates in Killarney, Ireland

Level of crime 11.36 Very Low
Worries home broken and things stolen 15.91 Very Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 15.91 Very Low
Worries car stolen 13.64 Very Low
Worries things from car stolen 18.18 Very Low
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How long does it take to drive around the Ring of Kerry?

The Ring of Kerry circuit measures 179km (111 miles) in length and the route takes around 3.5 hours to drive around without stopping.

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