Where To Buy Dry Ice In Ireland?


Where dry ice is sold?

Dry ice is available in many grocery and general merchandise stores. While larger chains, such as Costco and Walmart, are likely to carry it, some smaller chains may not have it in stock. Turning to a dry ice supplier provides a direct and reliable source of dry ice.

How much does 50 lbs of dry ice cost?

Dry Ice Block

Order Amount Price Per Pound
30 lbs $3
40 lbs $2.38
50 -90 lbs $2
100-140 lbs $1.50


How much is dry ice pellets?

Dry Ice Pellets

Order Amount Price Per Pound
50 lbs $2.00
100 lbs $1.50
150+ lbs $1.25

Where can I buy dry ice in Pleasanton CA?

Best dry ice in Pleasanton, CA

  • Meadowlark Dairy. 1.3 mi. 1909 reviews.
  • Airgas Dry Ice. 22.8 mi. 4 reviews.
  • Janco Belmont. 23.7 mi. 1 review.
  • Airgas Dry Ice. 13.2 mi. Ice Delivery.
  • CREAM Livermore. 6.7 mi. 271 reviews.
  • Peninsula Ice. 24.1 mi. 16 reviews.
  • Snowflake Desserts. 2.7 mi. 201 reviews.
  • Knudsen’s Restaurant- Ice Creamery. 10.4 mi. 755 reviews.
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How long will dry ice last?

Generally speaking, 10 pounds of dry ice will last up to 24 hours in a standard 25-quart cooler—but there are a lot of factors at play. You’ll also want to consider the types of food you’re storing (frozen or refrigerated), the size of your cooler, any ambient conditions and the duration of storage.

How much does dry ice cost at Walmart?

Dry ice at Walmart usually costs between $1.00-$1.50/lb and rarely costs more than that. Online Walmart have it listed as $1.44/lb but this can vary from store to store with some stores selling it for as little as $1.00/lb.

Can dry ice last 3 days?

Dry ice can last up to 3 or 4 days in a larger cooler and when more blocks of dry ice are used in conjunction with each other. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and it is around -109.3°F (-78.5°C) which is much colder than regular ice which is only 32°F (0°C).

How much does 10 pounds of dry ice cost?

Cost of Dry Ice Online

Order Quantity Price Per lb.
10 -24 lbs $1.00
25-49 lbs $0.80
50-99 lbs $0.70
100-249 lbs $0.60


How long does 1lb of dry ice last?

How Long Dry Ice Lasts

Weight of Frozen Food Time In Transit
4 Hours 2 Days
1 LB 1 LB Dry Ice 10 LB Dry Ice
5 LB 2 LB Dry Ice 12 LB Dry Ice
10 LB 3 LB Dry Ice 15 LB Dry Ice


What happens if you touch dry ice?

While dry ice looks like it would be cold, it’s extremely dangerous to the touch and can cause severe burns. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry ice actually freezes your skin cells. The resulting injury is very similar to a burn and should be treated with the same medical attention.

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Is dry ice dangerous?

Dry ice can be a very serious hazard in a small space that isn’t well-ventilated. As dry ice melts, it turns into carbon dioxide gas. In a small space, this gas can build up. If enough carbon dioxide gas is present, a person can become unconscious, and in some cases, die.

Where can I buy dry ice in Livermore?

Supermarkets That Sell Dry Ice in Livermore, CA

  • Costco. Supermarkets & Super Stores Gas StationsPharmacies.
  • Safeway. Supermarkets & Super Stores Grocery Stores.
  • East Bay Super Market.
  • Lucky Supermarket.
  • Brian With Dreyers Grand Ice.
  • Unified Western Grocers Inc.
  • Lewis Grocery Outlet.
  • Save Mart Supermarkets.

How old is Meadowlark Dairy?

The dairy was established in 1919 and was formerly owned by Walter Briggs Sr. who started a world class dairy company. The original location was on 153 acres of land on Foothill Road in Pleasanton. It is known to be the first certified dairy in California to earn a “Grade A” designation for quality and cleanliness.

Who owns the Meadowlark Dairy?

Meadowlark Dairy owner Bruce Takens talks about the history of his family’s involvement in the operation which dates back to 1950.

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