Who Won The First All Ireland?


Did Kerry win the first hurling All Ireland?

The 1890 All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship was the fifth staging of the All – Ireland hurling championship since its establishment by the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1887. 1891 All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Championship details
Winning team Kerry ( 1st win )
Captain John Mahony
All – Ireland Finalists
Losing team Wexford


Who has won the most All Irelands?

All – Ireland Senior Football Championship
Trophy Sam Maguire Cup
No. of teams 33
Title holders Dublin (30th title)
Most titles Kerry (37 titles)

What years have Dublin won the All Ireland?

Historic 100% success rates (when a team won their first All – Ireland Final before losing a final at a later time) are:

  • Tipperary (1889-1918)
  • Dublin (1891-1896)
  • Kildare (1905-1926)
  • Roscommon (1943-1946)
  • Down (1960-2010)
  • Donegal (1992-2014)

What year was there no All Ireland final?

Galway were the winners. The championship has become known for the farcical manner in which the title was awarded. There was no 1925 All – Ireland Football Final.

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How many All Irelands have Kerry lost?

Despite this, Kerry is the most successful team in the competition’s history, topping the list of counties for All – Irelands won. It has won the competition on 37 occasions, including two four-in-a-rows (1929–1932, 1978–1981) and two three-in-a-rows (1939–1941, 1984–1986).

How many All Irelands have Kerry?

Kerry are the most successful team in the history of Gaelic football. They have won the All – Ireland Senior Football Championship on 35 occasions and the National Football League 18 times, both of which are far more than any other county.

Has any team won 5 All Irelands in a row?

Cavan won five titles between 1933 and 1952, including in 1947 when the final was played in New York.

Who has most All-Ireland medals?

Not too stressful at all really. The amount of Dublin players with 8 All – Ireland medals. Stephen Cluxton, James McCarthy, Michael Fitzsimons, Kevin McManamon, Michael Darragh MacAuley, Phillip McMahon and Cian O’Sullivan all claimed their eighth medal last night.

What player has most All-Ireland football medals?

Which means that between them, Stephen Cluxton and James McCarthy have more All – Ireland medals than the rest of the inter-county scene combined. In Kerry particularly, where, as Jack O’Connor once put it, “a man with four All – Ireland medals would quietly defer to another man who has five”, it’s an alarming trend.

When did Micheal O Muircheartaigh retire?

On 16 September 2010 he announced his retirement from broadcasting. The last All-Ireland he commentated on was the 2010 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final on 19 September 2010.

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Who has won the O’Duffy Cup the most?

All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship

All Ireland Senior Camogie Championship
Founded 1932
Trophy O’Duffy Cup
Title holders Kilkenny (14th title)
Most titles Cork (28 titles)

Has Fermanagh won an All Ireland?

Fermanagh’s home ground is Brewster Park, Enniskillen. The team’s manager is Ryan McMenamin. The team has never won the Ulster Senior Championship, the All – Ireland Senior Championship or the National League.

How many of 1951 Mayo team are still alive?

Only one member of the victorious 1951 Mayo team survives, Paddy Prendergast, who lives in Tralee.

Who won Hurling All-Ireland 2020?

2020 All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final – Limerick 0-30 Waterford 0-19. Limerick defeated Waterford by 0-30 to 0-19 in the All – Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final on Sunday December 13th at Croke Park.

When did Mayo last beat Dublin?

Dublin–Mayo Gaelic football rivalry

First meeting Dublin 0-8 – 1-4 Mayo 1904 All-Ireland semi-final (13 May 1906)
Latest meeting Dublin 2-14 – 0-15 Mayo 2020 All-Ireland Final (19 December 2020)
Meetings total 17
Most wins Dublin (11)

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